Herniated Disc Treatment

The lumbar spine consists of 5 discs ranging from L1 to L5, where L5 is the lowest and L1 is the highest part of your lower back. The thoracic spine consists of discs ranging from T1 to T12 where T1 is the highest part of your middle to upper back.  Most people acquire a herniated lumbar disc in the L4 L5 with impingment on the S1 region of the back, Anatomy of the Spine. It is also common for people to suffer from multiple herniated discs. The term herniated lumbar disk can be compared to a bulging disc, pinched nerve, and slipped disk. A herniated disc is worsen stage of the three. This issue can cause a range of pain, depending on the specific injury and the severity of the herniated disk. If you are dealing with pain and numbness due to disc herniation, it is important to understand your treatment options before deciding to undergo herniated disc surgery. The information on this website will provide you with herniated disc treatment options your doctor may recommend and information regarding herniated disc relief exercises and stretches.

Symptoms of a Herniated Disk

There are a few key symptoms that come from a herniated lumbar disk injury. Herniated disc symptoms may include pain and numbness in the lower back, butt, legs, and feet. People with a bulging disc may feel some minor discomfort and minimal back pain. Those with a herniated disc may feel extreme constant pain and numbness that shoots down into the lower part of the body.

A bulging disc is a situation where the core of the disc is putting pressure on the outer wall of a disk and is bulging out of the spinal canal slightly. A herniated disc is a situation where the core of the disc has herniated and has pushed it’s way through the outer wall of the disk and is now protruding out of the spinal canal. Some people may not feel the symptoms of disk herniation in either case due to the positioning of the disc and the amount of pressure being put on a nerve.

Herniated Disc Treatment Options

There are different types of herniated disk treatment that are used for those who want to avoid surgery. These herniated disc treatment practices generally revolve around pain medication, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and epidural injections.  Below is a brief explanation of each herniated disc relief treatment:

Pain medication will be one of the first things offered to you. It is important to use this medication EXACTLY as the doctor has prescribed it to you, which will most likely be on an as needed basis. Pain medication can become addictive and should be used with extreme caution. If you are a responsible person and can manage your pain medication, then this can help improve your quality of life when combined with physical therapy and other forms of herniated disc treatment.

Physical Therapy’s main goal is to strengthen your core muscles and help relax the muscle around your herniated disc problem. A typical physical therapy session will start off with stretching and core muscle exercises. The core muscle exercises will help strengthen the muscles that surround your spine. Next, they will use the Tens Machine and a heating pad. The Tens Machine will send eletrical impulses into the area of pain to help relax the muscles. The strength of the impulses are set to your tolerance level. Then, they will use the ultrasound machine. The ultrasound will create heat by using sound waves and this will help relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and reduce muscle spasms. Finally, they will rub some pain relieving cream and provide a short massage on the area of pain. Physical therapy is an excellent treatment option and defnitely makes a difference if done consistently.

Chiropractic Therapy’s main goal is to manipulate the spine so that the disc releases just enough pressure off the nerve so that pain and numbness will alleviate. Most doctors will not recommend continuous stretching and cracking of the back. You will typically go to a chiropractor for one month at a rate of twice per week. If you don’t feel any relief at this point, then this would not be the treatment to pursue.

Epidural injections are used to help reduce the inflammation of the herniated disc. The shot is not a pain killer. The shot contains a steroid, an anti-inflammatory drug, which will create separation of the disc and the nerve so that the pain and numbess can start to alleviate. The epidural shots work on some people and can be a one time procedure if the pinched nerve is caught early. If the bulging disc becomes herniated, then the shot may or may not work. If it does work, the results may wear off over time. Doctors generally give up to 3 shots every 6 to 8 months as needed.

Herniated Disc Surgery

If you are dealing with an excruciating amount of pain from your herniated lumbar disc, you may need to consider herniated disc surgery. Herniated disk surgery is a procedure where the surgeon removes part of the disk that is pinching the nerve. The recovery time for those going through this disc herniation surgery is dependent on the person and how smooth the disk surgery went. If the herniated disk is really severe, it can take the surgeon a few hours to complete. The doctor will assess your recovery before they give you the green light for physical therapy and regular activities. Read more about Herniated Disc Surgery.

166 thoughts on “Herniated Disc Treatment

  1. loren shaw

    Dear Sir,

    I have been dealing with what you have described off and on for 30 years. Car accidents, motorcycle and snowmobile accidents, I did everything I could possibly do to destroy my lower back. I would also like to mention working like three men instead of one for 30 years did not help. In the early stages I would take pain medication for two weeks, let the area rest and start over. As I got older in my 40’s and fifty’s I had to watch everything from walking to lifting the lightest objects as it would throw my back out for months. Injections, pain killers, muscle relaxers, loss of weight and vigoruous stomach and back building exercises helped but would not stop the ocassional sharp stabbing and the inability to get out of chair or wake up at night screaming from the pain. Finally the operated on me 5 months ago. They removed L-2 L-3 L-4 replaced them with polymer pillows and cadever bone, and put in titanium rods and screws to support the lower spine. I certanily walk better, and the pain from bone on bone is gone. Now I am dealing with mucsle spasm’s at night that require me to take pain killers during the day. I have gone from oxycontin down to AC about 12 tabs a day. I am hoping that after six months of stretching and exercising that the surgery pain will stop. If it does and I can walk normal again without pain, then I consider the surgery a sucess. If the pain does not go away from the surgery, then I am worse than before the surgery and wil be on pain killers and everything else the rest of my life. Time will tell, but if I were you, I would try stretching my back carefully once the muscle stops swelling, do pain medication, and slowly trying working around your herniated disc. The operation may be worse than your symptoms. This is what I have found thus far, but I have great hope and will keep you up to date. The bottom line is, an MRI should show how bad the disc and bones are in your lower back. Cutting in to these areas is radical, but maybe a slight operation may be the anwser. I beleive keeping it to a minimum is the smart way to move forward. I am 55 with 40 years of back Pain, I went for broke. Time will tell if I mad the right move. There are indications that I have, we will see.


  2. Jerry

    Like many of you I suffered from degenerative disc disease and was in a lot of pain for a long time. I found that spinal decompression was the answer for me. After just a few weeks of treatment I have been pain free for over 2 years now.

  3. john simpson

    hi i have been in pain for 9 months it started of like a leg strain and gradually got worse. I went for an mri on my spine and it showed bulging disc 4 . I n the last week i have been struggling to stand up because of the severe pain and fall to my knees due to the sheer pain . I can only describe it as a feeling of a knife being stuck in me and twisted,then on Friday if i even moved an inch while sitting the pain is unbearable, i can barely move . Things are a bit better as i was given celebrex which has controlled the excrutiating pain,but i am still in some pain and have to drop to my knees when i stand up. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  4. Rose

    i had 3 herniated disk and was told I wouldn’t be able to carry a child but 12 months later I fell pregnant and carried my baby to full term. I did however have back pain in the last trimester and during child birth but it was sure worth the pain as I have a beautiful little girl.

  5. Darla

    I am also a wife/mother who does everything and now can not. I have been in severe pain for 2 mos just had a MRI done and found out I have a L5-S1 herniated disc, and my hip/pelvic is tilted. I have done the meds no help, got a Sacroilliac injection nothing, PT did not help the pain and did get some relief from the Chiropractor. Right now I am deciding what to do next as my chiro wants me to see him for tx and the pain dr wants to do the epidural injection. thanks for this post as it is very informational and will help me in my decision.

  6. Lisamarie

    Thank you for your wonderful share! I see this is a year old and just now read it and am going through the same issues. I wonder if you are better. What have you ended up doing? Me, I really do NOT want to go through surgery, but I want my life back!! It has been over 9 months. I’m worried the bulge disc is going to permanently ruin my ability to walk correctly with my left leg. I just want this whole injury to be remedied and stop feeling it’s effects every single day. The injections are horrible for me. Very painful and do not work. I am working on losing more weight and stick to exercising the best I can. I cannot do any type of twisting or lifting of my left leg at all. Many people I have talked with at the gym have back issues, but they said they are fine with having shots and keep on exercising. But, I watch them exercise and there is no way they have the same difficulties I am dealing with – because I cannot move the way they do at all. Actually, now that I recall how bad I was with the Sciatica, that first shot must have helped some because I have taken way less drugs than I was on. Unless I want to be all dopey, I walk with pain every day all day. Will talk to my GP about the frontal pain that has come back where my discs are, try one more PT who better not just push me back into a room with a heating pad, and no more epidural shots. I’m giving myself 2 more months and if it doesn’t get much better, I will opt for the surgical method. Again, thank you for your share.

  7. ravi

    I guess herniated disk is really painful and most important is it affects our quality of life, as the body movement is very painful and restricted. I would recommend everyone to go for good quality bone-health food supplements like Ipriflavone and glucosamine. It can really be very helpful. Have a good day.

  8. Ajit

    hi i am 24 and had been taking pain killers for last 1 year.
    well this is what actually happned to me i am student in United Kingdom, surgeon has told me to go for operation but it will take place after 3 to 4 months and i really cannot wait for that long due to my studies so I am thinking of going private, can any one tell what is the estimated cost for the surgery.

  9. Andrew

    I herneated L4-5 disc in July 2011. Its been 2 months with pain but with some recovery. All specialists said wait 6 weeks unless there is loss of function in bladded, bowel, legs. Ice and chiropractic helped, meds did not. Gradual return to exercise inluding the Mckenzie, chin tucks, bridge exercise, these helps, but are painful. Ice after doing any exercise. I still get tingling in toes.
    Take a look at the back exercises by this Physiatrist doctor:

  10. l5-s1 sufferer

    Like many of you, I have L5-S1 bulging/protrusion. Last spring, I began experiencing back pain and went to my GP. They told me that I pulled a muscle and wanted to prescribe muscle relaxers. I nixed those and told them I was certain it wasn’t muscular as I have had muscular back pain before but it was different-pain was shooting down into left buttock and leg. Frustrated, I took myself to PT. (Luckily I can do that with my insurance.) They diagnosed it as sciatica through various in office tests of the ability to move my legs, stand, sit, point toes, etc… They used cold packs and a TENS machine on my back with no luck so they ordered an MRI. That MRI showed bulging discs in L5-S1, L4-L5, and L3-L4, with L5-S1 being the worst and it also having a slight tear. I got an epidural injection, which worked wonders until about late December/early January. I didn’t do any PT because I simply didn’t have the ability to take the time to do it. My cousin was experiencing the same symptoms at the same time. She had three injections and did aqua therapy and was pain free by the end of the summer. I got another injection in February and again in March to get me through the school year. Most days I could make it through the school day by taking 2 Aleve. I then started to take Tramedol-which I do not recommend-but stopped about 4 weeks after I started taking it because I felt like I was getting addicted to it and it really wasn’t helping that much. I got very sick from quitting the tramedol too quickly-taper off if you are taking it and decide to quit. I finished the school year and decided to begin the conservative treatment I should have been directed to the previous summer. I started with a chiro. He said what the pain dr. said which is that my discs didn’t look that bad on MRI. I told him that someone should tell my body that. We did discover that my pelvis was tilted and that was part of the reason the disc was bulging. Went to chiro for a couple of weeks and that really didn’t seem to help. By the beginning of June I was not able to be up for more than 10 minutes at a time. On a positive note, I lost weight because I wasn’t getting up to eat junk to satisfy my emotional eating craving and only ate healthy stuff. I scheduled another epidural injection and found a great neuro-muscular massage therapist to work with along with a great PT. I wish I would have found these people the previous summer because I don’t think I would have the issues I continue to have. I have been doing aqua-therapy and in-the-clinic therapy with some traction to try to help relieve the symptoms and get the pain out of my legs and into my back. It has helped some. I use cold packs because they help relieve the inflammation and, thus, the pain. You have to be careful about applying heat because you could make things worse-check with your doctor/PT) I also got one more injection in July-during which the dr. hit me in 5 different spots instead of just two. I have more good days than I have had in a long, long time. However, I am nowhere close to where they want me to be and the shot is starting to lose its effectiveness. I have made consultation appointments with an orthopedic spine specialist and an neurosurgeon to see what they say and possibly have a microdiscectomy.
    I considered going to a chiro who uses the VAX machine or the DRX9000 machine for spinal decompression but everyone I have talked to has said their patients are back in pain within a matter of months. However, my neighbor did it and rigorous PT and she swears by it-especially to avoid surgery. Her pain was acute and not chronic like mine.
    I don’t agree with the one poster who stated that it cannot be reversed. Many people have reversed their conditions with conservative treatment. Just read all over the different back pain blogs.
    Bottom line is that works for one person may not work for another. If you have acute pain, don’t wait-go see a doctor and get into PT. Look up the McKenzie exercises for back pain and do them. They do help me. It can be hard to find the right physical therapists but ask your pain doctor, look for reviews online, and ask people you know. Don’t go get a massage at a spa as that may hurt you worse. Make sure you get someone who understands your back issues. The neuro-muscular massage therapist I have been seeing has really helped loosen up the back muscles that have been spasming and hardened due to overcompensating for the muscles on the other side.
    I agree that you probably shouldn’t jump right into surgery without trying the conservative methods first. Make sure your pelvis is aligned and level. I wear an SI belt until I strengthen my pelvic floor muscles (using exercised taught to me by the PT) so that they can keep me level without the use of a belt.
    If all else fails, then consider surgery. I have reached the point that I am doing that even though I have had some improvement because my condition has gone on for more than a year with conservative treatment. I have done A LOT of research about the procedures and the best doctors in my area though.
    I feel your pain, I have kids and a husband who have seen the person who usually handles everything turn into the person who can’t do ANYTHING! It is very hard to fight depression you feel from the way this condition overtakes your life but YOU MUST! I cherish the good days I have when I feel like a human again. It is hard for people who have never had this kind of pain to really “get” the amount of pain that you are in. I told my husband I would rather be paralyzed than feel this constant, debilitating pain. At least then I could sit in a wheelchair and go places. I can’t even sit for more than 5 minutes right now (20 on a good day). Keep coming to support blogs like this one so that you understand that you are not alone-that others feel your pain. There are so many of us. You are not making it up or being overly dramatic about the pain you are in.
    I’m sorry this is so long. I appreciate you all sharing your experiences and I am sorry that those of you who are feeling pain are in so much pain. To those of you doing better-I’m so happy for you! I hope to be there with you soon!

  11. Fred

    I to suffer from back ailments. When I was 24 I was weight training and taking steroids and I did the “t – bar”with to much weights…herniated my L5 disc..I felt a tear and a burning sensation. i saw the chiropractor for 4 sessions and I was back to normal..Playing basketball, working out, running etc.Fast forward 6 years..and some how my bakc went out..dont remember how…couldnt walk for several days but got better..than I fell of a chair landing feet first but with all my weight going forward…got better from that and didnt have problems till Nov of 2009..I was sleeping on a bad bed ..sort of like a hammock for 6 months and one day I couldnt get up and walk for a week….saw the same chiro for 3 months straight 3 times a week…it helped but still in pain…couldnt sit for more than 5-10 minutes and when i would get up it felt like i had all his pressure on my back and hips..i was depressed…for a year..didnt feel liek doing anything…eventually it got better around march of 2011…i did some PT nd did some PT with Pilates…..im not in pain anymore but sometimes my back feel tired and I get that sciatic nerve feeling on my right leg when I lay on my back….my advise is this……

    Do everything u can to avoid surgery…back pain take a long long time to heal…see your PT and do the core excercises….stay in a healthy weight…try pilates and some yoga…..get some deep tissue massages to break up those tight spots you have and will get due to your back compensating…trust me it will hurt in other places…dont over due nothign even when you feel good…this will only get you hurt again and delay your healing….ive read taking vit c, e, b12 help with circulation …which helps healing…ive started taking is to see if it works for me…may take 3 months or so before you can feel see if it works…water is also good…need to keep you muscles loose and hydrated…eat natural anti-inflamatory foods…papaya, pineapples, sweet potato..search some on the internet….use ice every time after u walk or stretch…heat pads are good too….i hope this helps…im going to 2 years with this hope so i hope this can help you on your journey…….PS…Ive also read that this eventually corrects itself….could be true cuz my mom had back issues from 2 falls and she went for 4 years with pain like i did and she never took any meds, shots, PT, and she got better….took a while but she did get better

  12. James

    I am a 34 year old male that had a L5S1 bulged disk. I got this nifty little gift from sleeping at a Holiday inn in late march. I woke up with a stiff and painfull back. I gave it a weak and it did not go away. The pain was shooting down my leg. My Primary care doc recommended me to a Chiropractor. For the next 4 months it was the same thing over and over….go in, crack my back 2 ways, put the heating pad and off I went with temp relief. It grew increasingly painfull Over July to the point where I told the chiropractor not to crack my back because of the pain. I was walking like an old man andon many different meds that didnt help much. At that time I took it upon myself to look up a spine specialist that wasnt a Chiropractor. I saw him on July 27th, and he sent me immeidately to a MRI. We met on the 28th where we went over the results and he couldnt beleive how bad it was. He called a surgeon and set up a appt on the 29th. The Surgeon, Dr. Montgomery, with Northeastern orthopedics was awsome. He as well as the other partner are both very conservative with suggesting surgery. They say 1 in 50 patients and I was the 1. He explained that the bulge should usually correct itsself in 6 weeks. After that you risk permanant nerve damage. Thats why people come out of surgeries still in pain. Its not that it didnt work. its that the nerve damage is permanant. I was very fortunate. Dr. Montgomery put me on the list for first thing Monday morning. August 1st. The surgury was a complete sucess. I felt like i was walknig for the first time. I walked a mile the day after the surgury. It is 2 weeks post op. I removed myself from all pain meds on day 2. I mostly will go through the day with no pain, however when I wake up and sometimes doing things, I will get sharp spasms. Im not sure if that is something permanant or not but I will find out more on my post op this friday. I hate doctors and typically will not go to them. This was the best decision I made. If you wait and wait….it only gets worse.

  13. JASE




  14. jppg

    Dear Kim,
    Something similar happened to me. I played volleyball and my coach never made me stretch and abused my serves so I was soon suffering a back problem. What my doctor told me was that he recommended me not to have a surgery but to swim a lot. What I found out later was that by not doing exercise the disc acted like a sponge and sucked in the leaked fluid back. So you should ask your daughter if the pain has decreased after sometime of not doing sports. I’m ready to to play volleyball after a year now, but this time ill do it with the right precautions and with another coach. I hope this is useful and that your daughter succeeds in what she desires.

  15. Me

    Fine a Bowen Therapist in your area. They are miracle workers! My therapist saved me from neck surgery when no one else helped. I tried everything else. After 2 visits I was completely off all muscle relaxers and pain meds. I am now able to exercise daily without any major issues. I included a link that will help you find a therapist near you. If you don’t find someone on this list, ask around.

  16. Aaron Gehrig

    I am a 34 year young male.
    I was diagnosed with a disc protrusion in my L4, L5 region in January 2011.
    Accompanied by muscle sprain across the lower region of my back, Osteoarthritis in the lumbar region and some disk degeneration in L5!
    Since then I have seen 2 different Physiotherapists, went through and completed a return to work program through WCB, seen 1 chiroprator during this visit.
    The chiropractor helped out alot for pain relief, but after the program ended I could not afford the chiropractor with my medical coverage, and me being on income support through WCB, I lost my use of the chiropractor.
    I have been prescribed with numerous amounts of pain killers, muscle relaxants, cream.
    Originally the pain was severe, I could not bend back wards at all, bending forwards was easier but still alot of pain, definetly no twisting or lifting over 10 pounds before i could feel the lightning in my lower back shoot down my legs.
    I suffered from muscle spasms constantly and had severe tightness in my hamstrings and calves aswell
    Pain shot down from my back down both legs and I had numbness on the outer side of my left foot, so bad that the physiotherapist dragged a cow spur along side my foot and i could not feel it!
    The pain in my legs subsided briefly, but has returned, accompanied with Restless leg syndrome!
    I am still in constant pain, about a 6 on the pain chart out of 10, and its constant!
    It is now August 2011 and my Doctor is re-opening the WCB claim to re-assess my back.
    What is the time it usually takes for an injury like this to heal fully?
    I am currently unemployed but somewhat job attached with my current employer, they are concerned about my safe return, as I am still on an unapproved medical leave, under a lot of pain. As a result I have suffered through anxiety attacks and bouts of depression. I loved my Job and fear I can’t return to it!
    I hate to think of me sitting behind some desk, I am and always have been a hard working Labour intensive kinda guy and it kills me to watch myself as I walk by mirrors and see the shape I am in these days…. I am still a fit guy but walk hunched and slighty with a limp.
    Is there any advise or help out there?
    Surgery? I won’t consider that, for numerous reasons.
    Am I going to be on painkillers for the rest of my life though?

  17. Andrew Lamas

    I’m a 36-year-old male, and two years ago, I had a disk rupture in my back while getting ready for work. It was the disk between the L-4 and L-5 region. Sixty percent of the disk ruptured into my spinal column and did nerve damage. I had surgery to remove the bulge but still have severe pain and numbness in my foot and leg, including shooting electrical pains in various parts of my body and swelling in my left foot. I also have nerve damage on my left side. I’m taking narcotics (vicodin, hydrocodone, lortab) to help control the pain and muscle relaxers to help with the spasms in my back and legs. If it had not been for the loss of feeling in my leg, 100% the day before the surgery, I would have opted to not have it and let my body heal itself. I would not recommend surgery for anyone who does not absolutely has to have it. I hurt as bad today as I did before and there is nothing else I can do about it. And my surgery was done by a neurosurgeon. My condition is so severe that it has kept me from working or having a normal life. Where do you turn when you’re told by different doctors that, “You’re as good as your going to get?” I have no answers, but to those of you who are hurting and have lost your ability to live a normal life, you’re not alone. Good luck to everyone, and just maybe they will come up with a way to stop the pain.

  18. Alura

    I have to say something about your comment! I am only 22 years old and have done EVERYTHING that the doctors have tried as far as conservative treatment is concerned. I herniated/tore my L4-L5 over a year ago, so now I am going to get a third opinion from a surgical specialist. You would actually be surprised how many doctors refuse to fuse vertebrae anymore. Most insurances will not cover the surgery unless ALL other conservative options have been done and failed. Furthermore, the doctors who refuse to do surgery right away is due to the high failure/complication rate and if they can fix the back before surgery is on the table GREAT, but please do not come onto these websites and complain that ALL doctors are ‘selling and pushing’ back surgeries…Before you write any comment do your homework first, it just makes you sound silly coming on here and saying things that are false! Most people are afraid to do the surgery anyways due to the complications too, but sometimes like me when all other options have been tried and failed then there isnt any other option (I have been on nucynta (the narcotic) for over a year and I feel the side effects everyday). And being on narcotics that long is NOT healthy for the body and my mind, I am a full time college student and the narcotics make my brain fuzzy…So please next time line up your facts before posting on a website again! Thank you

  19. carlos

    Your full of crap luklinski surgery clinic! I’m 19 years old and had lumbar spine surgery (L-5 hernia, S-1incomplete fusion) and it’s been a year and I have absolutely no pain now. Before the back of my thigh and buttocks use to hurt so much that I would cry myself to sleep, and would have rater lost the leg than to continue living with the pain. My point is that pre-surgery I was on a lot of pain killers and antinflamatory pills, did physical therapy, and the epidural( all useless); you just want people to use(and take people’s money) your SPINAL MOBILISERS that probably don’t work or berly do crap, while you smile and make profit off poor people in pain. Don’t listen to this clown; I was walking a week after the surgery and didn’t even need pain killers.
    P.S. Had the pain for 1 year straight

  20. Vish

    Where do you stay. If you are in the Seattle area, can you tell me who your PT is/was? Does anyone know of a good PT in Seattle? I have been to over 5 PTs and they were terrible. To me, it looked like all of them had preset ideas for what they thought, the cure might be. In all the cases, the excercises they prescribed actually worsened the pain and when I told them about it, they said it was normal for it to hurt in the begining, but that it would eventually go away. I have been with each of the PTs for at least 3 weeks, but the pain didn’t diminish.Is it normal for it to hurt initially in PT?

  21. waqas

    I had a surgery 4 months ago for L5 S1 after the surgery i feel better its almost 4 months now but now i am feeling the pain on my back which is nor worst like before the surgery but its like some pain on my back and my back is really stiff now which is never felt before .even I can’t move down with straight leg only possible with bended knee. the back pain is not worst like before the surgery but after 4 pain get started its really worry sign for me is any one having the same problem kindly share with me

  22. amy

    I had a herniated disk operation in january of this year 2011, the pain i have now is a lot less then i had before the operation but i had every symtom there is. I just want to know if anyone else is still suffering the same as me after having the operation i still have pain and tingling on the right side of my back and sometimes have spasms in my lower back. Also occasionally pain from my buttocks down to my foot, i have cramp more then i have ever had in my right leg and i am still urinating about 30 40 times aday. I am waiting to go for anouther mri scan and will not see my surgeon until september i went to my doctor 3 weeks ago about the problems and i am being sent for a ultrasound to make sure my kidneys and bladder have not been effected.
    Also i am only 27 and have not had children i am now so scared of having children in the future has anybody had a the operation and then gone on to carry a child?

  23. Roman

    Hi “pissed off”,

    Did you go to surgery in the end? If you haven’t, I suggest you do some hamstring stretching excersizes first. I too, have a herniated disc at L5-S1 and have sciatic pain through my right leg. It is really depressing I know, but no matter what the neurosurgeon says, I will avoid surgery at all costs because the damage done by surgery is something no herniated disc can do; it pierces through all your tissues and muscles just to get to the disc. And all that needs to heal too once the herniated disc is removed. Very brute way of dealing for me.

  24. nadia

    dear people,

    i have a lumbar hernia and symtoms more then 20 years. i have been through terrible pain. please check pilates exercise, core stability exercise, chemical inflamation problems, inversion table therapy, laser operation, homeopathy, drink more water, cell salts. do the right exercises, learn the right way of moving through alexander thenique or mckenzie exercise and learn the benefits of the gym ball and bouncing on it, it will bring oxygen to the area. check the web, sites like heal your bulging disc and use cold packs. good luck and do not give up. nutmeg aromatherapy oil is used in ayurvedic treatment to calm down sciatic nerve, worth a try aswell. if you havevthe money try stem cell therapy…

  25. Louisa

    I was diagnosed with a bulged disc at L5/S1 with major nerve impingement (talk about pain!) just over a year ago, after 6 months of agony, and pretty much thought my life was over. I was a serious athlete with a very strenuous job, and suffered constantly. I had a cortisone epidural after a year and was in such bad pain I couldn’t move for days. But, I also had the support of incredible PTs who brought me through it. My best advice is to find the right PT for you (manual worked wonders) – I have been to over 15. Surgery has been proven to cause more trouble – even orthopedic surgeons will say so. Do your home exercises. Use a lumbar support – all the time, everywhere. No one cares. Remember not to sit for too long – you can always find an excuse to stand up, even on 18-hour flights or long conferences. Find a strong support network, and remember that flare-ups and awful days are temporary, even though they seem like the worst thing in the world when you’re in the middle of one. Prednisone helped with major flare-ups, and I’ve been on many NSAIDs for normal maintenance, mostly Naprosyn 1000 mg/day. I was just discharged from PT and have almost returned to my normal workout schedule. That’s not to say I don’t still have bad days, but I know how to handle them.

    I remember reading these boards when I was first diagnosed and feeling such a sense of despair at what awaited me. It is not easy. But don’t give up.

  26. pete

    i had 2 discs go. l4l5 and l5s1. i had pain in both legs. no power. numbness…. i had my surgery in aug,2011. i was great hours after. i was up and walking with no pain in my legs. 5 days later i started to have spasms in my lower back. 8 months later and i still have the pain in the localized area in my lower right back. my legs are still pain free, i have power, and numbness is only in a small part on my right thigh. has anyone else have this happen?

  27. Rachele

    Please, Please, Please be careful! You have exactly the same injury I have; I knew nothing about how to handle or treat the injury at the time of the accident ( a nitwit in a jeep flipped her car into me), and so I trusted my Orthopod. WRONG THING TO DO. They make their money from surgery. 5 years on and I am still in quit bad pain, I have to walk like I’m pregnant, and I only sleep about 3 hours a night. I know you’re hurting. I know you’re confused. Trust me, I KNOW. But I can honestly say that the surgery made the pain 100% worse. But that is just me. I can’t speak for other people. Please try everything else you can-no matter how wacky it may seem- before even considering surgery. I hope you are one of the lucky ones and get out of this soon. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about you.
    Blessed Be,

  28. Darlene

    Tracey, did you have any problems with drop foot (numbness and inability to walk properly due to the fact you could not move your ankle properly)?

  29. Don


    Did your daughters herniated disc show up on x-ray?

    I had been nearly disabled by pain from a yoga posture. I always thought it was a ligament tear. The x-ray showed nothing wrong but the pain is excrutiating and refers to my bottocks, front legs, knees and ankles. I have trouble walking when the relapses happend and a chiropractor that I saw yesterday refused to approve an inexpensive aluminum walker which I am covered for by my insurace.

  30. Kim

    My daughter has dealt with herniated disc in L2 and L3 from high school work outs that involve massive weight lifting. She is currently on a D1 lacrosse team on a partial scholarship….she has yet to play because of her severe back pain….she has tried steroid injections, pain killers, chiropractor, and accupuncture. She has pain going down through her leg and so far everything is leading to surgery….at 19, and still having her future ahead, they have advised not to have surgery. She is in such pain that she has a hard time walking. Trying to find the best options for her future and what doctors she should see are extremely frustrating. She has her life in front of her….her dream was lacrosse….2 year all american and attending her dream college and may never get to play….because a high school weight lifting coach insisted she do more….she trusted him and did it! Now she finds out from her college that they hardly do weight lifting….they do yoga/pilates/indurance and body weight…..any thought and suggestions are certainly welcome….surgery/pain management/….what are the best options?????

  31. Jim

    YOU SIR ARE A SALESMAN!! Yes allot of people do not experience good results and YES allot of people get th esurgery because doctors push them,, but there are allot of people who need emergency surgery and they do regain the use of their LIMBS.. The stuff u sell os all part of PT (phyical therpy crap) which rarely helps.. I am NOT a doctor or spine expert, but I am a person with CERVICAL /LUMBAR issues and NO device makes any huge difference.. Compression does work in some but so few and its not long lasting.. Its SIMPLE .. If you got a JACKED UP BACK well you will have it forever! SIMPLE! YOU CAN MANAGE IT!! If you decided to take pain killers cause you WANT TO FEEL NORMAL AGAIN.. WRONG REASON! Pain killers are to survive NOT to feel normal! Our bodies DEGENERATE SIMPLE!! Sometimes genetics or a accidents excellerates this process.. Some people are lucky and other are NOT… WE ARE NOT, but hell there are 40yo’s that have a massive heart attack and die.. MAKE THE BEST OUR OF LIFE!! ENJOY THE AIR WE BREATH, ENJOY THE LIFE “ORA” OF YOUR CHILDREN! Dont let SPINE ISSUES ruin you! I have seen it first hand with my father during his 5 years of illness and refusing surgery.. he has pulled out of this and enjoys life WITH PAIN.. We are not against sugery and I have 5 FAMILY MEMEBERS who have had FUSIONS(multiples and bone grafts) and they are HAPPY! This DOES NOT MEAN IT MADE THEM NORNAL AND THAT BAD THING COULD OF HAPPEN.. It just means this is a option if you CANNOT WALK, control your body fuctions, or your MRI SHOWS SOMETHING VERY VERY BAD!!

    I went to the doctors site and he speaks well on allot of things but a back brace and a book is not gonna solve CRAP!

  32. Jim

    EngineerRich, Thansk for sharing that info.. I like the time line cause that it exactly what I experienced with my 3 herniated disc.. I guess it all depends on how bad your disc is hernated, buldged, or rupture… I stated all 3 because people have issues with each and hell some people like my father have them all with no issues.. The time line u stated is something i kinda went through and now its a normal everyday issues…. I feellike i am just waiting to fall apart, but i keep doing machine type cardio like bike and eliptical.. I think allot of this comes from my fathers generitc, but then again 6 years of highschoo.college football did not helP!

    take care
    jimdean12345 at yahooDOTcom

  33. Lived to tell

    Hi Pissed Off,

    I had disc surgery on my L5-S1 at the age of 20 after suffering with this for over three years. I was a fit college basketball player and no one could figure out my injury because they were all convinced it was impossible for me to have a back injury. So, I got all the wrong treatments that all made it worse.

    I’m writing to you because the surgery gave me my life back. I had 26 years of absolutely zero problems, doing anything I wanted, including plyometrics. Just this winter, I messed it up again – mainly due to my not listening to my body and recognizing that I’d caused a slight bulge in the same disc by fighting with a sofa bed several nights in a row.

    Long story short, even if I end up having to have the surgery again to clean this up, I would never trade these awesome 26 years – if I hadn’t had that surgery, I would have either been severely depressed and suicidal or become a drug addict, I am not kidding, the pain was that bad 24/7. So, if you’re fit and healthy, don’t fear the surgery.

    good luck!

  34. paul stutz

    i was not able to walk for two months my right leg was affected by the hearnites disk, however with ibuprofin and steroid i have bee able to walk now two years. tylenol and all other drugs even morphine did not work the shots in the back very painful did not work liening on the sink or counter with eblose works the best better than hot pack or even ice

  35. paul stutz

    i was just walking back from lunch two years ago and suddenly it was like my back broke. they tell me the cause is sitting at my desk for twenty years at work and not getting up enough i think they are correct. ibuprofin works the best never ever take too much of it

  36. paul stutz

    yes steroids work for me and i have tried all the paid drugs even morphine you know the best pain medication is the over counter ibuprofen however it does have some nasty side effect on my stomach never ever tack too much of it i take 800 mg three time a day max never more mostly less than that on good days

  37. paul stutz

    i was walking back to work with coworkers and all of the sudden i fealt like my back had broken. like you, only one leg was affected. i used to be able to lift 750 lbs no problems back in school ten years ago. all of the sudden a disk can heareate with no reason and no other reasonable injory causing it like mine did. two years now. the shots under floriscope did not work and were very painful the best releif is to lien on the sink with my elboes almost every night now for two years.

  38. paul stutz

    try to apply for the federal FML family medical leave act. it is harder for an employer to terminate you if you are on that. i know that was where i was at it allowed mr to use vacation time in leiu od sick leave . paul

  39. Pat

    I couldn’t know the cause of your problems… What kind of work do you do? I have a herniation due to excessive twisting…
    I would definitely talk to your doctor again! There definitely should be some follow up and at the minimum, some pain control. Depending on your insurance, you will need a referral to a back specialist for shots, or a neurosurgeon to see if you qualify for surgery. Tell your dr., you are unwilling to sit around any longer and you want action! It seems that they respond only when you demand action.

  40. Pat

    I know that it can be common w/ back injuries, but if you are suffering w/ constipation, may be because of the meds.
    I have a herniated between L5,S1 and have massive constipation due to meds., but have read that your bowels may be affected. As long as you don’t have uncontrolled release of bladder or bowels, not too much to worry about… Sorry.
    I would continue to fight w/ dr’s. Don’t take NO! It’s your body and you know that you have an injury!

  41. Luklinski Spine Clinic

    Spinal surgeries are 100% ineffective due to FALSE concept /application ….leading to FAILED BACK SYNDROME ( irreversible life disability ).
    These desperate yet ignorant “lay guinea pigs ” are victims of own medicine ….
    All spinal surgeries are CURABLE by 99.5% by specialitistic procedures of Orthopaedic Medicine. The problem is of lack such specialists ,hence financial greed of useless surgeons ,who would be unemployed otherwise ,it is commbination + victims stupidity .USA are world leaders in ripp off SCAM with 950.000 operations ….! Surgeries can be cured /prevented by SPINAL MOBILISERS world unique devices….and thousands of people have been using it so far .Being a spinal Specialist for 40 years I cured /saved over 85.000 patients from useless surgeries and will continue till retirement for all who seek my care . Common sense does not need education ….being naive and brainwashed is another matter.

  42. Shannon

    I completely understand your frustration and pain. I have suffered from a burning sensation between my shoulder blades, severe stabbing pain in my right upper quadrant and lower abdominal quadrant and pain in lower back and pelvis area for years. Went to a orthopaedic surgeon and he dismissed me with back spasms. Went back to him a few weeks later and he ordered an MRI of the lower back. Went back to him to find out L4/L5 and L5/S1 were herniated. Went back to him a month later and he took an X-ray of pelvis. He said everything looked fine and could not understand the extreme pain. He ordered an epidural and PT. PT did NOTHING except excerbate the pain! I went back to him and he ordered another epidural with some relief. Still had upper pain and he said that he couldn’t believe that the pain was related. Finally went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for other health issues and was examined by a neurophysiatrist because of a referral for a pituitary tumor. He listened to my problems and ordered a thoracic MRI. That imaging test came back with herniated T6/T7, T7/T8 and severely herniated T8/T9, T9/T10. I came back to my home town where the same orthopaedic surgeon said that he could not help me anymore. I went to a new doctor who referred me to a pain specialist for the thoracic herniations as they are considered quite rare and no one wants to deal with them. I went to another new doctor, a pain specialist, and he did an epidural in the thoracic region. I had relief even though I am on daily Gabapentin, Soma, and Relafen. I am going back to main doctor (the nice new one) next week because I am experiencing new sharp pain in pelvis area unlike before.

    By the way…when I received my medical records from QUACK DR. to go to the Mayo Clinic, the X-ray from the pelvis stated in impressions by radiologist that it appeared that I had a stable pelvis fracture that needed to be evaluated with an MRI. Gee, could that be an issue?! Furthermore, the symptoms that I first spoke about where clearly indicative of a thoracic herniation even though there were multiple differential diagnoses. Quite upsetting as I am beginning an accelerated program for a bachelor’s in nursing to see that there are physicians out there that JUST DON’T LISTEN AT ALL.

    I would love to have the surgeries that my new doctor is asking me to have. In fact, I would be willing to have all my surgeries that I need…the list is long…if I had an insurance company that would pay for ANYTHING. Okay, okay…they do pay, but left me high and dry on the 22K Mayo’s workup that ACCURATELY diagnosed me…but they continue to pay the QUACK DR.’s bills. Ridiculous!

    Oh, well…thought I would rant for a moment and commiserate with you. By the way, apparently the T-LIF is the surgery that we need for the thoracic herniations…my new doctor that I am seeing is one of the very few in Texas that is licensed….just in case you are really considering the surgery and are anywhere near Texas. The only problem? He isn’t big on pain meds…example: I went to him for the fourth lumbar epidural and he took me right on in and did the epidural with no help from any numbing agents or sedative. Then he told me that I could get dressed and drive myself home 15 minutes after giving the injection. 🙂 So…with that said, I am a tad concerned and apprehensive for the resulting recuperation from the surgery! But, he does roll out the red carpet for me each time I go. I personally think he is highly interested in my case due to the apparent (and blatant) misjudgement on the previous four years of pain through my QUACK DR. By the way, yes, I have been dealing with this for four years of drastic and dramatic pain…prior to the first appointment, my back constantly nagged at me like it was just overused and overstretched for about two…I thought I was just overworked…which I am! 🙂

    I wish you luck and let me know what happens!

  43. Nanci

    I am still in the early stages of my herniated disk pain. Am starting pt next week hopefully, but the concern seems to be that I cannot move my big toe up to the ceiling un assisted. My muscles have been affected. Surgery is out there as an option for me and i am not happy about it of course Sounds like your surgery went well and I wanted to know how long your recovery was and what was the magnitude of the recovery. I am 44 and have a 4 and a 9 year old. We also have several “flying trips planned” that are important and I am worried I won’t be able to go. Your thoughts?



  45. Sharbar

    I was diagnosed with a herniation at C6/C7 along with some mild arthritis, and a bulging disc at C4/C5. The pain is unbe-freakin-lievable!! I never thought I’d have to try to endure something like this, and it’s only been 3 weeks! I can’t even imagine going through this for months or even years as some of the people here have.

    At any rate, no one has mentioned trying the Egoscue method. Not sure of where you live, but I’m near Boulder, CO, and thankfully there’s a clinic out here. It’s like a combo PT & yoga program where they try to reset your body and strengthen different muscles to get you there. It’s quite pricey, not covered by insurance and a maybe relatively new approach to therapies, but it’s worth a try if you’re looking to avoid surgery & nothing else has helped.

    BTW, I decided to give it a try because a guy I work with who had 2 ruptured discs in his neck & 2 in his back, tried everything for over a year & was in total agony the whole time. He decided to give this a try & called it “just sort of a miracle”. Another gal at my work tried it also for back pain which she’d had for years, same results…she raved about it! I’ve only been to one session, but I have high hopes that there’s *no* surgery in my future!

    Good luck to you!

  46. sara

    I have had pain in my upper back and neck area since I gave birth to my daughter 5 years ago. I have tried everything!!! Finaly my doctor is sending me to a surgeon. I had an MRI about a month ago and I have several herniated discs along with a severe cervical spine desease. At this point my doctor and I feel that surgery is the only option we have left. I’m only 28. I have two children and am married. I’m in so much pain all. The time that it is driving a wedge between my family and I. I’m on the verge of losing my job because of how much work I miss. I am distraught and am praying that I get surgery asap!

  47. ian murray

    ive had surgery on l5-s1 and it was very easy im a 31 year old male and i have to go back for another opp on my l4 the pain is shooting down my right leg and it bad and my bones are degenerating as well so dont be afraid of surgery it works

  48. Jeff

    @pissed off – I am sorry you are suffering. I ruptured my L5/S1 disc my junior year of college (2007) and had to have the surgery. It was without question the worst 3 months of my life, hands down. BUT after my surgery, I did PT and luckily had a full recovery. Four years later, I now have a herniated disc due to being overactive again. I had my MRI done this evening and am praying I do not need another surgery. Bottom line is that I know the surgeries work, just make sure you have a top orthopedic surgeon. I fly back to Michigan to see my doctor, he is that good! I would pay every last penny I had to have a fully functional back!!

    I hope you make the decision that works best for you and you feel some relief and not pain!

  49. Jenn

    I have been suffering the excruciating pain of bulging and herniated discs between L3-S1 for about 8-9 years now. It all started with a bulge that I pretty much ignored until the herniation a couple of months later. To anyone questioning treatment, the earlier the better, or you will end up like me, in pain daily with no insurance. Continuation of degeneration of discs and those closest to you suffering along side you because of your inability to tackle normal daily activities, like walking, playing with your kids, sex, etc. I will add more another time hope this helps someone.

  50. Andy

    I had a herniated disc in my L4 / S1 area and had a diskectomy. It changed my life – Get an MRI scan and see a specialist is my advice

    It took me 3 months of being on my back after the surgery but that was a small price to pay as before I was in agony

  51. kim

    hey all, I use to have this problem, i saw a chiro for a while then a physio who did hydro therapy with me and then continued with his exercises and saw a myotherapist or a massage therapist. I may sometimes feel a little twinge once in a while and my flexibility isnt as good as it use to be but its so much beter now. You need to find the right practitioner who will spend the time to help you understand why and what they’re doing and dont bring you back each week cos it pays their bills. Its hard but once you find them it’ll change your life.

  52. audrey

    Hi there, I’m so sorry to read that this is such a frequent problem. I’m almost 19 and have a severe herniation between my L4 and L5. I’m very small, but have always been very fit and in shape. Of course my doctors were confused at how I had come to have this injury. My injury started with low back pain on my left side that slowly went away, so I ignored it, which was a bad idea. A month or two later, I started to have pain in my left leg that progressively got worse to the point where i could barely walk it was so bad. My first chiropractor I saw was part of a large doctor’s office and did not do very much for me and my pain and back just kept getting worse so he jumped to surgery. Surgery really should be a LAST RESORT for anybody with this problem. I found a new chiro who works a lot with athletes and so does a lot of massage therapy.
    If anybody’s muscles are spazzing up around where the bad disc is, i highly recommend this route because the massage really helps to relax the muscles which ultimately relieves some pain. Although the massage itself is very painful and I am usually sore the rest of the day, my back feels a lot better the days after. I also recommend ICE. Lots and lots of ice because it reduces the swelling and some of the pain. If you can find the supplement glucosamine/chondroitin and take it, your disc will heal a lot faster. The only other thing i can add is to drink a lot more water because hydration helps the disc heal as well. I’ve had this problem since October 2010 and I can’t say I’m healed or even out of pain yet, but I’m progressively getting better. I hope some of this helps, it really is an awful injury to have.

  53. J

    They ask if it affects bowel function and if you can’t control your bowels any more you are supposed to seek medical advice immediately.

  54. pissed off

    I’ve had a herniated L5 S1 disc for freaking 8 months now. This shit all started because I did back handsprings without the flexibility needed to do them safely. I suspect the handsprings only made my disc bulge, and that the herniation occurred from subsequent over-stretching. I’m nineteen years old and this injury has pretty much eradicated my former life — collegiate diving, rock climbing, freerunning, etc. My flexibility has gone to hell, as well as my strength, and the pain is perpetual. I have never been so pissed off in my life. As treatment has gone, I had physical therapy for a month after the onset of symptoms to little or no avail. After that I decided to just wait it out until it healed itself (horrible idea), which only resulted in it getting worse. After about 5 months of being injured, I got three cortisone shots. The first two had little, if any, effect. The last one seemed to help out, but for some reason rendered me unable to sit down without having massive pain in my left leg (fortunately my right leg is completely unaffected by this injury). I never thought I would be reduced to wishing I had a broken arm, but I would gladly take a broken arm over this freaking injury — at least those heal. In a couple of weeks I’m going to meet a surgeon to talk about my options. I am really reluctant to do surgery because I’ve heard that if you do one surgery, you usually have to have more surgeries down the road. I don’t know what to do; I have no idea how to make this better. This injury has made me realize just how delicate the human body is. If I get better and this happens to me again, I will go INSANE!

  55. liesel

    I was diagnosed by MRI with an L5/S1 herniated disc at the end of December 2010. My symptoms were excruciating pain, right leg muscle weakness and numb foot causing walking to be quite difficult. I was initially told to try and manage this conservatively by the spinal consultant so I had steroid injections in December. The pain went immediately and still hasn’t come back thankfully, however I still have a weak leg and slight foot drop. I couldn’t walk initially without a crutch, though now, just over 2 months later, I’m almost walking normally, (though it does still feel like walking in water).

    These symptoms are slowly improving week on week, however it is obviously very worrying. I’ve seen 3 different spinal consultants, it’s like a lottery turning up to outpatient appointments to see who I’ve been given next. All 3 have given me a different prognosis each time. The first one told me it would get better and didn’t need surgery at that time, but would take several months to get back to normal. The second wouldn’t even discuss my improvements and subsequently put me on the 3 month waiting list for a microdiscectomy, and the third told me, it was too late as surgery won’t do anything now, and i’ll have a permanent limp! I acknowledge that there is a risk I will have permanent damage, however can’t ignore that it still continues to slowly improve.

    I’m normally a fit and active person, who enjoys winter hill & mountain walking, and the thought I might never be able to enjoy this again fills me with despair! It’s definately life changing. Going through this has caused depression, a complete change in work and social lifestyle, and it’s hard to remain positive about the future when you’re told several different things about what might happen. And so I’ve resigned myself to ignoring the consultant opinions, as that is all they are….albeit based on statistics and past research, but this is a very individual event. They can tell me what happens in the majority of cases, however I might not be in that text book group, and so I’ll let time be the judge as to how I’ll recover. I’m against surgery unless I’m in agony and the injections/pain killers don’t work. That would be the very last resort. I’m only 38yrs old, I still have potentially 20+ yrs left in a career. So I hope my back can take it. And I hope I can one day get back up those mountains!!

  56. H Phillips

    I have had a herniated disc for about two month. I suffer with IBS so was not sure if the bloating, discomfort and constipation was as a result of my inactivity, the various medication that I have been trying or the problem itself.

  57. Em

    This website has been really helpful including all the comments. I have been suffering with pain that started in the back of my hip and gradually travelled down into my foot for 3.5 years. When I first went to the doctor they prescribed me anti-inflammatory’s because they said I had bursitis. They didn’t work, so I went back. They told me I didn’t have sciatica and they weren’t sure what it was. Since then I have seen a chiropractor, podiatrist and physiotherapist. The physio did normal checks and history and straight away told me she thought it to be sciatica caused by l5 s1. She applied pressure on the area and it was the worst pain I have ever felt, when previously I didn’t actually have too bad lower back pain. She tried a few sessions with me but the exercises only aggravated the pain, then tried acupuncture which just made me feel worse. I now finally have an MRI next thursday. In the meantime I have been seeing a massage therapist which really helps relax me and the symptoms. Unfortunately it seems that we really have to keep pushing with doctors for them to actually do anything. I am constantly told that I shouldn’t have certain conditions because of my age (24). If they had referred me straight away then maybe it would have been sorted ages ago. I would be interested to know if anyone has experienced changes to bowel movement with l5s1 slipped/herniated disc?

  58. steven

    hello im 26 and been suffering from back pain for about 7-8 years !! my doctors always try to fob me off and tell me theres nothing wrong ! i recently changed doctors and as soon as i described my problem this doctor sent me straight for an mri scan and iv just got my results back this week and it states at level L4/L5 there is generalised disc bulge causing narrowing of the left exit foramina and entrapment of the left exiting nerve root. there is impingement of the left discending intraspinal nerve root due to the stenosis of the left lateral recess. and at level L5/S1 there is mild generalised bulge !! can anybody help me undastand this cause when i spoke to my doctor over the phone he was realy concerned but when i went there in person he didnt realy tell me much and seemed less concerned but my partner ask for a copy of the results and everything iv googled seems like i need to see some kind of specialist??

  59. Imran

    L5 S1

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    I am sorry to hear about your pain, I had same thing I hurt my back at work in November 2010, pain start at my lower back and shooting down my left leg, I went to one of the spniologist he said to me that I have my lower disc dislocated he put it back on but pain didn’t go away long story short I went back to him 5 time because it wasn’t helping and at the meanwhile I went to my doctor he give me lots of different tablets ( I was visiting a acupuncture place I have been there 3 time and went to see Physio but nothing helped ) for about 7 weeks but they didn’t help I got the Xray done for my left hip and lower back then I went for an MRI we got the result within few days, it was L5 S1, then went to see a Neurosergine he looked at my report and the image of my MRI he knew what the problem was he said to me straight we have to do surgery. I didn’t have any insurance and the surgery it was going to cost me between €5000 to € 8000 ( I am living in Ireland that’s why I used Euro currency ) I didn’t had that much money my pain was getting worst minute by minute my wife couldn’t see me in that pain anymore so she decided to take me to public hospital we went to hospital they checked my reports and all those tablets that I have been taking for almost 2 months, because I was in so much pain the Neurosergine said that we can’t let you go home in this condition so they took me in ( Thank God ) they did surgery last month on 16/02/2011. They kept me in for 10 days altogether, but discharged me 3 days after the surgery, this my third week now after the surgery I feeling better now. The only reason I am writing this long story is because I have been through that pain and I know that was the most painful thing ever happened to me, I am stil recovering it takes some time about 6 weeks or so to recover. So if you are feeling the same pain get an MRI done straight way and your doctor will send you to a Neurosergine and do exactly what he recommend to you don’t wait or delay it’s very important to make sure your back is ok because we only have one back. By the way I am 28, this can happen to any one at any age. Hope this will help you to make up your mind what to do. Look after your self and people around you please pray for my good recovery may our Lord solve our problems Ameen. Thank you for reading. Imran

  60. 000101

    Have you heard of or tried the VAX D Treatment. I am on it now for the same issue. 2 disk actually. google it. Not going to promise anything b/c I am not 100% sure myself. but have heard its the best alternative to surgery. best of luck.

  61. Chrisome.com

    I had surgery on Jan. 31, 2011 — 4-wks ago today, L5 herniated & pinching the nerve. Had this done after an MRI — chose to get the problem taken car of & not go through shots —- going for 1st Dr visit tomorrow, hope to go back to work on Wed -3/2/2011! — have done very well, ( the 11 staples were taken out 2-wks ago by Dr’s nurse. I would recommend on finding good surgeon. — Chis in ALABAMA

  62. Karin

    Well I have a herinated disc in my back, and will browse your website for some help. Hopefully something would help, cause at my age of 37 this is looking as a futere without beeing able to walk in the near future.


  63. Babak

    Chiros cant do anything when it comes to disc herniation. My one has made me worse to a point I cant walk and I am only 34. he insisted I dont need MRI or see a specialist. I did the opposite and my MRI shows a L5/S1 disc herniation. stil waiting to see specialist to see what i need to do next.

  64. sharon

    hi i am 43 i have a herinated disc in my back i have had this problem for a year now the pain is unreal it keeps me fr my normal activies i am seeing chrio for monthes nothing is seem to help me, i don’t know what else to do i went for a treatment to determine what would be the best for me ,he tells me he don’t want to sent me to a nerosurgeron ,thinks chrio is better for me i taugh i was seeing progress but still the same no better,do someone have some advice for me please!

  65. Maud

    I have had pain in thoratic region for 1.5years, surgery not recommended as would need to access through rib cage and deflate lung, then no guarantees. So live with the pain. Tried numerous NHS physios – all have knowledge of upper back – but dangerously little on upper back – so just keep rolling out lower back exercises and insisting I do them. Even though makes things even worse – for days at a time – so not healing pain for damage. Tried ten different physios. Now at a loss. Not sure will ever be able to access the help I need. Not sure can learn to live with this pain forever. Only 38 and feel young, watching all my piers out having fun – whilst I’m very limited on what ok to manage. Where to find help specific to upper back??? Been let down badly. Can not access private treatment due to financial constraints and not sure if any more knowledge there anyway.

  66. Suzi

    Your story sounds like mine with a few more things. I got put on Piroxicam and got physical therapy (the angel that did the massages and stimulation was the most help) THEN I got a Teters inversion table. It relieves the pain by allowing space that should be there and circulation to get in. Of course there is the money thing. I managed to come up with the 150 to buy it and it has done the most help over all. I did get an injection to th one site before I lost my insurance from losing my job and it did help. But if I could have done this over the years I think I would have been able to avoid it. I have osteopporosis, degenerative disc, only some scoliosis now (was real bad when young but refused bar in spine and opted for good chiropractor that worked on me for 3 years) Love helps too! I found someone finally who loves me unconditionaly and is willing to massage my back regularly. You never know who is out there. I found him on plenty of fish!!! Try info here too…
    Good luck everybody.

  67. jason

    Im 20 and my painstarted Tuesday of last week.first it was tolerable then by next day it got worse by a lot. Could walk(however im using crutches n it helps), lay or sit straight up. We.t to the chiropractor he cracked my back n told me I had a slipped(herniated) disc. Well its been four days since than n nothing is changing. So im going to the doctors tomorrow. Hopefully I can skip the pain mess trail n get surgery right away

  68. tracey

    P.S. I did not have fusion surgery, but rather a microdiscectomy. A piece of the vertebrae is removed and the portion of the herniated disc is removed as well. The sack of nerves is then moved out of the way so there is no more irritation. Stitches from inside to close the opening and that’s it. I agree with many others on this blog. Many doctors will try to push you into surgery because to them that’s the only means to an end. In my situation, I spent so much time, effort, money and tears trying to help my situation that surgery was the only way to end the torture. Before you jump into surgery, research it as much as possible and learn everything you can about your condition to make an educated decision. Good luck.

  69. tracey

    In May of 2009, I had some back pain that I thought was due to a pulled muscle. As I ordinarily did, I continued to work out, thinking a pulled muscle is a pulled muscle and I will work it out through exercise. A few days later I began to feel a pain run through my right hamstring and thought ok, it’s sciatica, no problem and I continued to work out. June 6th, the pain ran to my knee and I was in pain and knew something was not right. I went to the hospital where they gave me pain meds and a muscle relaxer and said i had sciatica. At the time, they felt it wasn’t necessary for me to get a MRI. The following day, the sciatica ran to my calf and the pain was ridiculous. A few days later, the pain continued to creep down until it got to my ankle. I was eating breakfast and began to feel like I was going to pass out. My eyes were blackening out and I got the cold sweats and this was all due to the sciatica in my leg. The pain was intense. I went to an orthopedic doctor and she recommended I get an MRI and physical therapy. The MRI showed I had a herniated disc at the L5/S1 level and that it was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. She said my options were to have fusion surgery or an epidural. I was totally against having surgery and I told her I would get back to her. I then went to physical therapy which did not help in the least. Then I tried decompression for the spine. They claim it’s supposed to stretch the vertebrae and release more oxygen into the spine and “suck” the herniated squishy membrane back in place. These doctors claim that my condition is not unusual and that I should be healed. I hate to say, this is a load of garbage. I felt worse when I got off the machine. I felt like jelly when I got off the machine and that was not how I was supposed to have felt. I was told to try accupunture which I did and it didn’t help either. I then went to another doctor who did a facet block on my spine. They were 3 injections that were to block the pain signals of the nerve. That was in September of 2009 and once again in December 2009. The first set lasted a good month. The second, about 1 week. Fed up with all of it, I saw another orthopedist who told me that surgery was my only option and that there was no reason for these other doctors especially the decompression doctors to claim that I was the “mystery case” and they didn’t understand why I couldn’t heal. My orthopedist said you have a herniated disc and we can fix that with surgery. I was in tears with the thought of having no pain that I decided that day to have surgery. In April 2010, I had surgery and it was the best thing I have ever done. Surgery is 1 hour, out patient if you choose and results are instant. To not feel sciatica was great. It gets to a point where enough is enough. I wanted to live a painfree life and would do it again if I needed to. Now that I know that I had that much relief so quickly, I don’t know what I waited so long for. Hope this helps.

  70. admin Post author

    Unfortunately once the disc is herniated, it will not heal. If a bulging disc is caught early, in some cases it may be possible to reduce the bulge so that it is almost back to normal. A herniated disc is ruptured and the only way to really “cure” it would be through herniated disc surgery. However, the treatment options are definitely worth trying before surgery because it may help the disc relieve enough pressure off the nerve so that the symptoms will decrease drastically and become tolerable.

  71. nrochav

    I’m a 37 year-old, mother of two who recently was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lumbar spine – L5 S1. I don’t know how this happened. I started with mild pain for about a week (while in Vegas). I saw a chiro who informed me I had mild scoliosis in my spine and a tilted pelvis. I underwent 2 weeks of adjustments, stim, and ultrasound to my lower back. It seemed like it was getting better. I went tailgating and to a football game, all the while pushing through my pain (3 advil every 4 hours helped). Later that night, I paid for it. Fighting through tears and excruciating pain, I drove myself to the ER and was sent home with painkillers, muscle relaxants and a referral to the a spine specialist. After completing an MRI I was diagnosed with a disc herniation. I don’t know what to do. First off, I’m so let down by the lack of education medical professionals give their patients. This is the second time I’m considering surgery in my life and I feel just as frustrated as the first time (total thyroidectomy in 05). I’ve read so much contradictory information about what treatments are indicated that it’s hard to determine the best course of action. Physical therapy? NSAID’s? Painkillers? Surgery? The bottom line, it’s all pain management and none seem to lead to curative healing. Am I missing something???

  72. matthew

    im a 37 year old,and until a year ago,i was very active person,surfed for 15 years,never with any back pain…when it started i visited a good chiropractor,and he did fix me a few times,until he could no longer fix the lower back pain i was getting,so i decided to get an x ray,it showed that i have a rare condition called retrolisthesism in l4-l5 and a badly worn disk!various doctors have seen me,and none of them helped,and didnt seem to understand my problems,ive finally persuaded the doc to get me in for an mri scan,im guessing by what ive read on here and other sites,that ive definatly got a herminated disk,the pain comes and goes,i ran for a bus just last week,and trapped a nerve,and was out of action for a week.i hope i can go back to surfing,as its been 4 months since i did!
    is surgery the answer in my case?

  73. Jess

    Two days ago I slipped and fell on some stairs and landed less than gracefully on the lumbar portion of my back. Since I am uninsured and CANNOT afford x-rays or an mri, and I am 26 and live a very healthy and active lifestyle, I’m hoping I can make a full recovery at home. My question is, if anyone has experienced a similar trauma, how soon and what types of exercises should I be doing to help heal my back? I can already feel muscle fatigue in my abs and upper back, as my body is trying to offset the pain/bruising in my lower back. I usually do yoga or pilates 3-5 times a week, but I haven’t been able to find any workouts or exercise/treatments online. I tried to work yesterday (I’m in door to door sales,which = 5-6 hrs walking/climbing stairs 6 days/wk) but I didn’t last too long. I had shortness of breath, general discomfort, and it also hurts to drive. So, I’m taking it easy today, but really want to safely get in a good stretch without hurting myself further. Any help’s appreciated.

  74. allie

    I have the same problem…..just found out i have L5 disc herniation….the pain is unbearable and the quack doc im seeingthinks im nuts keeps trying to give me anti depressants like im crazy….now i know im not nuts ugh ive had two kids and I cry like a little baby from this awful pain..I hope they help me now im about to cut off my leg lol

  75. deborah

    hi i am 26 and after giving birth to my little girl i started having back problems the doctor at first said it cause i am picking her up all the time she is now 5 and they have jsut found out i have got a hernited disc so now i am waiting to see a specialist to see if i need a back op as some days it gets to the point where i can not even get out of bed to take my kids too school.

  76. Justin

    Also I am to the point were I have chronic sharp electric pain in my lower back since my herniated disc is L4. It pulsates from my lower back, around my thigh and into my knee. At times it even reaches my shins and ankles. when I sit on the floor I cannot extend my leg completely flat on the ground unless im laying down and when I lay down I loose feeling on the top of my thighs.

  77. Justin

    Mine started over 5 years ago. I am a 24 year old male and mine all started with my legs getting extremely restless and I would be up all night trying to wear my legs out. That has been happening for 5 years and still continues to happen. Although the pain started about 4 years ago so I began to see a chiropractor to fix it. over the years it got worse and my chiro told me I needed to go see my family dr because if not I was going to be in a wheelchair by 40 and crippled by 60. After seeing my dr he sent me for x-rays and an mri. the results were the x-rays showed arthritis in my lower back and the mri showed a herniated disc. My dr is suggesting surgery and making me an appointment with a neurosurgeon to discuss it and go over my results. I want to have the surgery jsut because if it made it so much better (like people I personally know that have had the surgery and thank God they did) then that would be great. But at the same time I do not like surgery. I had a hernia surgery on the right side of my pelvic region and that took me 6 months to a year before I would even lay on my stomach and even to this day I cannot touch it. So i am worried about having the surgery and not wanting to move my back. I am a flexible person as well and enjoy doing things that my back will not let me do and am afraid if I were to have the surgery I wouldnt be so flexible because of the feeling of the surgery(if that even makes any sense) Any advice?

  78. Hope

    I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I emphasize with what you’re going through. Last Aug I fell down stairs with my laundry and ended up with a herniated disc and a surgery in Sept. I was not given much information regarding what to expect for recovery. The only stories I was told was that I would be up and around in a few days and back to work soon. What a far cry from the truth! Prevoiusly I had no problems, led an active life, career, dogs, boyfriend; I couldn’t walk after the surgery and had numbness in shin and foot. MD said it woulld go away. After 2 weeks of bedrest, I started to do better and started physical therapy. I started to progress well but I think I started to do too much. I needed to get back to work and was not given any direction regarding lifting, bending, etc., so at week 8 I started to go back to my new house – previously staying with boyfriend – to finish unpacking. I couldn’t do too much of that because I started to hurt on the other side, so I stopped. A few weeks later I tried again but again the same thing happened. Getting fustrated and nervous because my medical leave was ending, and people were telling me I should be much better by now. In Physical therapy, I told them my other side was hurting, seeming to stiffen up and hurt in the hip and buttock area. They said it was muscles as I had been compensating with that side. I tried to go back to work 4 times but can’t turn well because I don’t have any power in my heel. Then stiffness started worsening in the other side over holiday – due back to work Jan3, Needless to say I didn’t make it there. Now scheduled another MD appt and MRI. My boyfriend took us – me and 2 dogs in – because I will lose my job if I don’t go back within a few months. He’s a saint but I want my life back. On top of that, I am now broke.

  79. julianne

    My husband is a strong 39 yr old who, in 2008 had an injury at work, lower back pain, followed by sciatica, his l5 s1herniated and he had free fragments in the nerve. He had surgery and did well (no pain) for 1 year, then the same thing happened again, lower back pain, sciatica, free fragments in the nerve surgery, now 8 months post 2nd surgery he is having lower back pain again. Is it possible that he is going to go through this every year of his life?? It is painfull and a hit to his job , can anyone help us? Is this normal, what are the chances that this will happen again, and what can we do to stop it? Thank you so much for your help.

  80. priscilla

    I’m 39 and had a hystorectomy at 35 after the surgery I went back to work 2 weeks later my doctor said u could and then I started having problems legs hurting numbness and severe pain when I stand my employer made me lift over 100 pounds and then when I said no my back is hurting me they fired me I had surgery again to fix bladder bowles and female issue but my back is killing me and I can’t stand this pain my doctor has given me no lifting over 3 pounds and no standing for more than 1 hour per day my marriage is over I’m broke and I still am no closer to getting relief a herniated disc is horrible to have and I’m suffering but no one cares or will help me.please if this helps 1 person take care of your back.

  81. Pintu

    I have a discomfort and very low back pain if I stand and walk for an hour. My pain is not going to the leg and I’ve done MRI where showed mild or slight herniated disc in lumbar spine L4 5 region. so is there any permanent solution that I can be go in normal position?

  82. Luklinski Spine Clinic

    SpinaL DISORDERS are cured ONLY via ORTHOPAEDIC MEDICINE ( not taught in USA ) ,up to 99.5 % .,any surgery is 100% useless ,life crippliling ………..USA spinal care are world bottom ….patients are subjected to useless operations due to financial greed .SPINAL MOBILISERS are world UNIQUE most EFFECTIVE devices for self – cure /prevention .Thousends of americans are using those curative products …….more should.STAY AWAY from any surgery !

  83. Kathryn

    Hello, the same problem happened to me; im seventeen and was playing basketball in march and afterwards i could not pick up the ball. I was in full spasm. I had gotten a MRI done and discovered that i had two herniated discs! It’s been 9 months since that happened and there still itsn’t much improvement. So would like to let everyone know that this is serious and go to the doctor if you have any back pain.

  84. EngineerRich

    Hi folks,

    Just a few insights for you, based on my L5-S1 injury, research and surgery:
    – each nerve services a fairly specific area of your body. IE, the nerve at L5-S1 runs down the glutes, the back of the leg, calf muscle and areas of the foot. So, the location of your pain pretty well determines which disk is at fault.

    – as the nerve endures more and more irritation the pain usually extends further from the disk. So, mild irritation of L5-S1 might bother just the Glutes. Further irritation and the pain is also felt down the back of the leg. Tingling is a sign that irritation has advanced even further. Numbness is even worse and needs to be reported immediately to your doctor. So, the normal course of events might be:
    —- mild pain just in glutes for first few days
    —- pain increases and moves down back of leg for next 2 weeks
    —- pain down leg and tingling in side of foot on/off for next 2-4 weeks
    —- pain no longer in foot but still down leg for next week
    —- less pain in back of leg, but still pain in glutes for next week
    —- pain is mostly mild but still comes/goes through the day and from day to day for next 2-4 weeks
    —- pain completely gone
    I think this is normal progression for 90% of the cases. This is the way my first herniation went. I didn’t start Naproxen (1000 mg/day) until week 4. I kept exercising and stretching through the entire time period.

    – I had a 2nd herniation about 6 months later (lots of heavy lifting). I tired the same approach but the pain just kept getting worse and worse. I should have gone to a doctor at week 4. But, instead I finally went at week 8 when the pain was excruciating for the first three hours of each day. I had surgery at week 11.

    – there is an easy test to determine if this is Piriformis syndrome vs a herniated disk. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWc5tS2UIt4&NR=1

    – I had microdiscectomy about a month ago. All pain was gone when I awoke from surgery. The surgery was relatively easy (I’m 54 and in generally good shape… I exercise 30-40 minutes every day and bike and swim once/twice a week). I used Percoset for three days just because they warned that the surgical pain was going to be bad. The pain was never worse than 3-4/10.

    – My leg strength returned about 80% by 2 weeks post-op. Unfortunately, one morning, I was walking our (small) dog, and stopped to talk to a neighbor for 5 minutes. When I started walking again, 60% of the pain instantly returned. So, I think the remaining disk nucleus has exited the disk and is pressing on the nerve. Three days later, I’m at 20-30% of original pain so I can function, but it’s a bummer. I still consider the first surgery a full success. But, now I think I’m on a 6-week wait-and-see calendar again. Although, this time, I immediately got my doctor involved.

  85. Julie

    I had the same crippling leg pain and went through the treatments required by my health care before my primary care doctor finally could get me an MRI. After 5 weeks of the pain, through which I worked full-time and went to grad school he MRI revealed a large herniated L5 and my neurosurgeon recommended surgery emergency immediately due to other symptoms that worried him. I was in and out of surgery in 2 hours, totally pain-free the minute I woke up from surgery, and home in less than 24 hours. I was back to work full-time after a month, could have gone back sooner but I am an elementary teacher and spend a lot of time on my feet, so my dr. was more comfortable with me staying home a full month. Let me add I am almost 50, HATE hospitals and surgery, but could not have considered a life with that pain. I have no regrets. My coworkers all said I was a completely different person when I got back to work (I guess so, since my face wasn’t twisted in pain)! Explore your options, and then find the best orthopedic care in your area if you decide to go ahead. I have also gone through childbirth naturally and the pain down my leg was far more unbearable. I think if I had gone much longer I would have been willing to cut my own leg off. I researched my options thoroughly and was not really considering surgery yet when a saw a neurosurgeoun, but am glad I got it removed.

  86. demo

    Roughly 6 weeks ago I went to lunch with my work friends on a day off. Since I am short (under 5 ft) I figured thats why I couldnt get comfortable in my chair during lunch. That following evening I could not find comfort sitting, laying down, or walking. It kinda reminded me what the undead must feel like wandering aimlessly around the house in tears. (minus the nashing of teeth of course) -[it was around Halloween thats why it was funny- not a statement] I went to the ER per the family doc. They told me “Yes, you have “Lumbar back pain” and sent me on my way. The pain continued and I fainted at work the next day due to the pain and was taken to another Sister ER. (Run by the same “Outstanding hospital group”. This time, they sent me home and said yes, you had a “Near Syncope”. REALLY??? I went to the family doctor who had an MRI ordered and the results were clearly a herniated disk with an additional lumbar (thats right 6 of them not 5) sitting over the sacrum (which is 1.5″ wider” -I always knew I had a big butt, now I have a reason!)which is a bit wider than usual. So the first Neurosurgeon didnt even say anything about the MRI but immediately referred me to an Orthropedic-surgeon who agreed with my family doctor that there was nothing Orthro about my case with the exception of extra bones. (he obviously didnt read the entire MRI or report) I was finally referred to another Spine – Neurosurgeon who said yes, there is a herniated disk and wanted to try non-evasive measures first. After a round of Epi-shots that have not been successful and one shot of Toradal and a full night of sleep. I have finally decided to take the action to say that surgery is going to have to take a front line approach here and perhaps get my life back! I too have had 3 children and this is NOTHING like that pain….perhaps the difference knowing that the childbirth has something beautiful in the end but when you are in this kind of pain ~ joy, hope and will have a harder time shining thru until the pain subsides……I wish you all well……and Conniec’ I do hope you find relief……your post touched my heart because I completely related!!!!!!

  87. conniec

    I believe the problem started about a month and a half ago, I woke up one morning with really bad pain running down my leg, I figured I’m over weight and getting old, the pain got worse and worse, then I started walking the floors at night couldn’t sleep, my husband made me got o the er, something had to be done. they took xray put me on meds, and told me to see my doctor,as well as to get an mri, so had the mri done, was finished with the meds, went to the doctor, she then put me on more meds, told me that I have a herniated disc at l4 and l5 so going to the nerosurgeon next tuesday , I was told by my doc. that they will give me shots and do physical therapy first, but as she sees it I will need surgery, I am hoping no surgery, I’ve had 3 children all natural no med or anything, deliveriers were fine. this pain is like nothing I’ve ever felt in my life.

  88. paul globie

    i just returned from a 13 hour non-stop oneway road trip. i have had 14 epidural injections, pain pills, steroid dose packs, valium, AND payed for all out of my own pocket i fell off a ladder in 07 i have issed 3 accident reports with my employer finnially she submitted it to workmans comp and closed the doors on the bussiness’after my attorrney recieved report from my surgeon he has my reason for injuiry as a slip and fall at a meirjes store among other wrong statments. i’m in so much pain i cant sit, stand ,orlay down , its just crazy to think these atternoys, surgeons and insurance people make the desisions that will make your life worthliving or not. AT THE END OF MY ROPE!!!!!!!! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR BACK

  89. Andrew

    I know what you are going through pain wise. I only had a herniated disc but your description of the pain is the same. Don’t be freaked out by surgery it changed my life in a big way to the upside. I have a few more weeks of recovery but I am generaly getting around normaly without pain. If your in the North East Region check out Dr. Micheal Halprin of Norwich Orthopeadic Group. The injection didn’t do jack for me and I had an alergic reaction to the stuff they injected me with that resulted in a rash like poison ivy but ten times worse. They still don’t know what triggered it and that issue became of more concern to me than the disk! I had to undergo three weeks of heavy doeses of a steriod to get rid of it. Good luck.

  90. admin Post author

    I’m sorry to hear that. Before you attempt surgery, the doctor will probably start you with pain killers and the injections. The injections may or may not work, but it’s definitely worth a try before undergoing back surgery.

  91. Angel Myers

    I have had severe lower back pain and pain down my left leg for over a month now. It keeps me from doing the things that I love to do. It hurts to sit, stand, lay. I have taken Advil, Tylenol, Loratab and sometimes the pain meds work but most of the time they do not. I also had an epidural injection that didn’t work. I now have an appointment with a Neurosurgeon. I am hoping she can give me some answers. I have been researching surgery. The pain is so bad that I am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the pain. I have had 2 children and the pain of birth is nothing compared to this. It is unbearable most of the time.
    I had the pain in April and had a MRI that showed I have a Herniated Disc, a Bulging Disc and and Degenerative Disc Disease. It went away and then on September 3rd the pain came back and has not eased in over a month.

  92. Juanita

    For years I have dealt with chronic lower back pain. It wasn’t until recently that it had progressed to a level that I could no longer deal with on a regular basis. I went to my doctor and was referred to a chiropractor for treatment after the results of an MRI showed that I had a herniated disc in my lower back.

    The pain I was experiencing at the time was like nothing I had gone through in the past. There were days when I was fine, and then suddenly, out of nowhere I would feel like little electric shocks radiating from my back and down my legs. My legs would be weak for hours afterwards. and it turned out to be caused by the disc pressing down on this big nerve in my spine. Go to your doctor stat if you feel any pain, period.

  93. rose

    There are also some alternative reasons why the sciatic nerve may be causing pain and one of these is the very common but unknown oxygen deprivation cause.

  94. Andrew Peel

    Interesting explanation of what causes a herniated lumbar disk. As someone who has a weak back I will now be able to look out for the symptoms.

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