Herniated Disc Treatment

The lumbar spine consists of 5 discs ranging from L1 to L5, where L5 is the lowest and L1 is the highest part of your lower back. The thoracic spine consists of discs ranging from T1 to T12 where T1 is the highest part of your middle to upper back.  Most people acquire a herniated lumbar disc in the L4 L5 with impingment on the S1 region of the back, Anatomy of the Spine. It is also common for people to suffer from multiple herniated discs. The term herniated lumbar disk can be compared to a bulging disc, pinched nerve, and slipped disk. A herniated disc is worsen stage of the three. This issue can cause a range of pain, depending on the specific injury and the severity of the herniated disk. If you are dealing with pain and numbness due to disc herniation, it is important to understand your treatment options before deciding to undergo herniated disc surgery. The information on this website will provide you with herniated disc treatment options your doctor may recommend and information regarding herniated disc relief exercises and stretches.

Symptoms of a Herniated Disk

There are a few key symptoms that come from a herniated lumbar disk injury. Herniated disc symptoms may include pain and numbness in the lower back, butt, legs, and feet. People with a bulging disc may feel some minor discomfort and minimal back pain. Those with a herniated disc may feel extreme constant pain and numbness that shoots down into the lower part of the body.

A bulging disc is a situation where the core of the disc is putting pressure on the outer wall of a disk and is bulging out of the spinal canal slightly. A herniated disc is a situation where the core of the disc has herniated and has pushed it’s way through the outer wall of the disk and is now protruding out of the spinal canal. Some people may not feel the symptoms of disk herniation in either case due to the positioning of the disc and the amount of pressure being put on a nerve.

Herniated Disc Treatment Options

There are different types of herniated disk treatment that are used for those who want to avoid surgery. These herniated disc treatment practices generally revolve around pain medication, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and epidural injections.  Below is a brief explanation of each herniated disc relief treatment:

Pain medication will be one of the first things offered to you. It is important to use this medication EXACTLY as the doctor has prescribed it to you, which will most likely be on an as needed basis. Pain medication can become addictive and should be used with extreme caution. If you are a responsible person and can manage your pain medication, then this can help improve your quality of life when combined with physical therapy and other forms of herniated disc treatment.

Physical Therapy’s main goal is to strengthen your core muscles and help relax the muscle around your herniated disc problem. A typical physical therapy session will start off with stretching and core muscle exercises. The core muscle exercises will help strengthen the muscles that surround your spine. Next, they will use the Tens Machine and a heating pad. The Tens Machine will send eletrical impulses into the area of pain to help relax the muscles. The strength of the impulses are set to your tolerance level. Then, they will use the ultrasound machine. The ultrasound will create heat by using sound waves and this will help relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and reduce muscle spasms. Finally, they will rub some pain relieving cream and provide a short massage on the area of pain. Physical therapy is an excellent treatment option and defnitely makes a difference if done consistently.

Chiropractic Therapy’s main goal is to manipulate the spine so that the disc releases just enough pressure off the nerve so that pain and numbness will alleviate. Most doctors will not recommend continuous stretching and cracking of the back. You will typically go to a chiropractor for one month at a rate of twice per week. If you don’t feel any relief at this point, then this would not be the treatment to pursue.

Epidural injections are used to help reduce the inflammation of the herniated disc. The shot is not a pain killer. The shot contains a steroid, an anti-inflammatory drug, which will create separation of the disc and the nerve so that the pain and numbess can start to alleviate. The epidural shots work on some people and can be a one time procedure if the pinched nerve is caught early. If the bulging disc becomes herniated, then the shot may or may not work. If it does work, the results may wear off over time. Doctors generally give up to 3 shots every 6 to 8 months as needed.

Herniated Disc Surgery

If you are dealing with an excruciating amount of pain from your herniated lumbar disc, you may need to consider herniated disc surgery. Herniated disk surgery is a procedure where the surgeon removes part of the disk that is pinching the nerve. The recovery time for those going through this disc herniation surgery is dependent on the person and how smooth the disk surgery went. If the herniated disk is really severe, it can take the surgeon a few hours to complete. The doctor will assess your recovery before they give you the green light for physical therapy and regular activities. Read more about Herniated Disc Surgery.

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  1. abhijeet

    Hii kayo,
    Can u plz suggest me some names of neurosurgeons for microdisectomy.I am suffering from same priblem u faced.I have spinal stenosis at L5 S1.

  2. Muscles and Bones

    Age – Muscles and bones age which can result in less support
    for the back muscle’s. The problem is that the coccyx also has the greatest risk of injury
    among all elements within the skeletal structure.
    It is important that you take extra care while performing your
    job duty.

  3. Mithu

    Hello everybody!

    I am the same person who visited this site one and half years ago , when I was suffering acute pain due to disc protrusion between L5 S1. I can understand the amount of physical discomfort accompanied by a feeling of despair, helplessness and a sudden shock that one feels after encountering this most common but horrific experience that takes away all confidence. I was a healthy and active person managing the office and family responsibility with ease. Since I was a woman and 47 year old, I used to feel tired at the end of the hectic day and took it as a normal sign of ageing. Later my tiredness was accompanied by a dull muscular pain in left leg. It was annoying as before that I never had any kind of pain history. I neglected the words of my mother , who kept cautioning me against lifting the plant pots ( I like plants) and standing in kitchen for long times. She used to tell to rest for a while in between cooking and other house chores. Well, dont we take our mothers for granted?? And then , one day while returning from office my leg pain started increasing and by the time I reached home I was barely able to walk. Even then I was sure that it would be temporary and will vanish after taking off the shelf meds and rest. So I forced myself the next day to do most of the works , while I was in lot of pains and it resulted in complete breakdown. So a big caution, nip at the bud. Dont do self medication and go to a good Doc by that I mean a reliable Doctor. I had been to Neuro , who suggested for colour doppler imaging to see the blood clot in my vain, but no result. I went to Ortho who after taking X ray of spine suggested Physiotherapy and after 3 days of these exertions I was completely bed ridden and in extreme pain that would not subside with any pain killer or external application of ointments. Finally my family physician suggested another Orthopedic , who after seeing X ray suggested for MRI and gave me some pain killers and nerve strengthening capsules and most importantly suggested for literal Bed Rest for 10 days. I took leave from office as was not able to even getup from the bed because my left leg used to feel as if all veins are entangled and twisted. Even then my impatience prevailed and I tried to getup from bed to help my mother , who was now providing my meals at my bedside. It was pathetic to see that the people whom you used to look after are now looking after you.
    But I will suggest everybody to be patient and fully follow what Doc has said as for my case only rest and later after 15 days some mild exercises alongwith physiotherapy and sun exposure started to ease my problem. I am all right now. But a word of caution specially for women to take care of their Calcium and Vit D as per advise of Doctor only and atleast have some exposure to Sun rays. It is my personal feeling that in case of spine that is finely tuned by GOD please do not try any extreme procedures like Chiropractice, surgery,injections etc unless that is the last option left with you and be patient I neglected the advise of 10 days bed rest and ended in 3 months of disabling pain. The problem that sets in so suddenly takes its time and goes away slowly. But take care to do regular exercise and abstain from lifting heavy objects and twisting the spine in awkward manner. Wishing health and happiness for all.


  4. Brooke Good

    I had back surgery for disc herniation at L-5 & S-1 six years ago. Prior to the surgery I had only had a couple minor incidents of back pain. The week my back went out, I went to the Orthopedic doc who ordered an MRI. I never made it for the test. The next morning when I awoke, I could not walk. Went to the hospital in excruciating pain. Morphine and Duladid couldn’t get me out of pain. Surgery was performed and it alleviated the pain. I still couldn’t walk. From the surgery I had foot drop and numbness in my lower right leg and foot. My foot was so numb it felt like a wood block. After six months of home and out patient rehab, I was on my feet using a cane. At this point, my foot and lower leg are still completely numb. I was told not to lift over 15 lbs. I just had additional physical therapy (pool) to strengthen my core muscles, and the Rebuilder TENS unit to help with the numbness. After a month of PT, my foot felt looser and less painful. I am trying to get a home unit. I take Lyrica, 75mg, 2x’s per day to help with the nerve pain. I can’t sleep at night without it. The nerve pain worsens in the evening. I always sleep with a pillow under my knees (on my back) or between my knees (on my side). I also sleep with a heating pad which helps with the aching muscle pain. I use a Lidocaine patch on my back when I have a fall out day. I choose not to take the Vicodin & Valium because I don’t like the side effects. Recently, the disc at L-4 & L-5 went out. Six years ago after the surgery the doc informed me of this other herniation. Until three weeks ago I had never had trouble with it. The numbness in my right foot and leg are contributing to knee pain, foot pain (opposite foot) and now the irritation of this other disc. I would strongly recommend pool therapy. When not in doc ordered therapy, I am a community pool member and try to swim every day. It is very freeing and the only way I can exercise my body.

  5. kishore daniel

    Im kishore daniel (17) years
    i have a lower back pain then i complained them obout it
    but my dad his slef is unable to believe as i was too young to
    face such problem .
    There after he noticed that im unable to do some works thenhe counsulted
    sateesh kumara neurolagish in AMG hospatal in vizag

    when he observed my problem he asked to gho forMRI scan
    after seeing the report he recomended a few medicines and said aboyt
    The drug course is for15 days i was experiencing a light relief

  6. kayo

    Just wanted to share my experience with you all regarding my history with back pain. I have had nondebilitating lower back pain since maybe early 20’s and had a particularly bad herniation episode (L4-5) in 2008 from carrying heavy luggage on a trip. That herniation healed after about 2 months or so with physical therapy. I was able to do many activities and sports after that incident (7 day hiking in Peru, yoga, pilates, gym, running, dancing, etc). Now recently, in March, I was injured by a chirporactor who put me into a traction device. (apparently this is a big no-no, for people with back issues). I had pain the next morning and continued to have pain for much of the days for weeks thereafter. Working at a desk job made it worse, and i went on disability in April. Many days, I had a lateral shift to the right, and so much pain running on my left side to my feet. I saw a physiatrist, got MRIs and EMG, and then went to thrice weekly PT sessions which helped a bit. EPIs did not help. THe diagnosis was a bulge at L/5,S1 I got worse and worse, and eventually, I went to see two top area othopedic neurosurgeons (NYU and Mt Sinai). Both suggested that I get a microdiscectomy (done under a microscope). By surgery day I was barely able to walk, and the pain was unbelievable. I went in for the procedure on June 21, left the hospital on the 22nd, and was more or less mobile the next day. I stopped painkillers by day 3 or 4. By day 5 I was able to go out to dinner in the neighborhood, walk a half mile etc. It’s now been 10 days and I’ve been feeling a slight tingle in my left toes, and slight dull ache on the right. Nothing like before. I don’t have any pain in the left side at all and feel so much stronger in my legs (I end up working my leg muscles a lot, since you must always keep your back straight. I am ultimately very thankful about the surgery as I had no other option, and so far it seems to be working. I went out of network to get the BEST doctor. It’s 10K more out of pocket, but I value the peace of mind. Anyway, 3 lessons from this:1) be careful when lifting/carrying heavy objects, 2) do not go to chiropractors without understanding that there maybe some bad ones out there, and 3) surgery can be a very good option, with the best possible doc.

  7. Kerrin

    In response to Kathyrn’s question on possible treatments for the numbness… I work for a chiropractor in Garland TX. We often use spinal decompression for people when they have symptoms such as yours. (Many times this indicates a disc issue.) The success rate is extremely high. Although you may not experience improvement immediately (it can sometimes take 8 to 10 sessions), I would certainly give it a try before trying anything more invasive.

  8. Andy

    Imran, my husband is in the very same situation. No insurance either. What hospital did you go to that kept you and did this op?

  9. Resty Cooper

    “Chiropractic Therapy’s main goal is to manipulate the spine so that the disc releases just enough pressure off the nerve so that pain and numbness will alleviate. Most doctors will not recommend continuous stretching and cracking of the back. You will typically go to a chiropractor for one month at a rate of twice per week. If you don’t feel any relief at this point, then this would not be the treatment to pursue…”

    About how many days or weeks should i undergo to this treatment before I’ll see some changes? I have a friend from TX told me to undergo to a chiropractic treatment. Madelle, my Chiropractor in Irving TX seems to be OK, but i’m just worried since this is my first time to personally experience such treatments.

    Also, I want to ask if Scoliosis has something to do with this illness? My sister has the said illness. She said she was experiencing leg and foot pains as well as back pains too. I was wondering if they are connected?

  10. abid bajwa

    i have been shot from a gun and now my lower part is paralysed. my spinal cord L4 & L5 nerves got pressed and damaged due to which i cant sit neither i can move any part of it please tell me what treatment i take?? email me please i want to live

  11. Kathryn

    Hello, I have a bulging L5-S1 disk. Had sciatica for 3 mos with PT, accupuncture, 800 mg ibuprofin., 2 PT treatments, 3 Accupuncture treatments. Sneezed one day with agonizing pain, texted our friend MD who said to take 2 Norco’s. When I got up my right leg was numb and now the sicatica area has been numb for 3 weeks including r side, r heel and third toe. Since then went on a week of oral predinisone, had an MRI and got a RX for Norco (haven’t taken any of those) and one Miofascial Release massage. Also bought Ron Daulton Jr’s book online called “Get your life Back, the ultimate guide to healing a herniated disc” and have been following hi stretching and exercise programs. Bought an inversion table, use the boucy ball and mini trampoline. Still worried about the numbness that it might be irreversable damage. Going to call my chiropractor to see if I should try an adjustment or not. Pain is pretty much gone. I do icing every day and take Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and joint advance which has glucosamine, ginger and chondroitin. MD said I could have an ipidural injection if I wanted. I did have one of those 13 years ago when I had sciatica on the other leg and it didn’t come back since then. Some things are paid by insurance and I have spent a lot on my own. Any suggestions on whether the numbness will go away? I am 47 y/o mother of 2 teenagers. Used to doing every thing now limited to about 50% of everything which is very vervracking!!

  12. Kathryn

    Any recommendation for numbness on R. leg, thigh, calf and third toe, have had it for 3 weeks following sciatica for 3 mos. Sneezed at desk. Gone thru PT, accupuncture and meds.

  13. Kathryn

    Hello, I had severe sciatica about 13 years ago after carrying 2 kids on the same hip for 3 years. Chiro said I had scoliosis. Got an epi injection and that has lasted 13 years with a few trips to the Chiro whenever I felt my back was out. Since December 2011 started getting R. Buttock pain. Went to Chiro twice but did not help. MD set me up with PT and Accupuncture and Ibuprofin. Went to 2 PT treatments and do her exercises but didn’t help. Went to 3 accupuncture tx which does help with pain. One day sat at desk and sneezed and yelled loudly at extreme pain. Limping and hurting all night after that. Wanted to go to the ER but couldn’t move. Texted an MD friend who said to take 2 Norco to get thru it my husband had in the cabinet. That numbed the pain but since that day (3 weeks ago) my right leg, calf, heel and third toe are numb. Went to an MD next day who gave me more Norco (which I haven’t taken) and got an MRI which revealed a disk bulge in L5/S1. MD said I don’t need surgery but she put me on predinisone for a week. I was completely hyper for the week and my voice was trying to get lower. Didn’t do anything. Surfed the net and bought a sciatica chair pillow, sleep with pillows under leg and got a book online called “Get Your Life Back: The Ultimate Guide to Healing a Herniated Disc.” written by a Chiropractor. I am following his book and will see how it goes. Started Joint Advance which has Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Also bought an inversion table and use it about every day. Do all the exercises and stretches including marching on mini trampoline for balance and bouncing on therapy ball. Am working, luckily am self employed but sit at desk about 12 hours per day. Now just worried about numbness that has not gone away and worried it is permanent or if I did some permanent damage to nerve so will always have a numb leg? Am 47 y/o mother of 2 teens with spouse. Am used to doing EVERYTHING and am a workaholic. Am doing 50% of what I usually do and do not do any social activities as I feel I can’t do much due to the numbness. Not sure who I should push next but every day am doing research. MD says I can have an epi injection so am thinking about that next. I pretty much have to push the Dr’s but do have good insurance and they usually respond to whatever I ask. I had brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor 1.5 years ago (craniotomy) so perhaps they are more forgiving with me. Dr’s don’t have time to talk about our social lives as they are too busy so we have to keep it all medical and straight to the point as there are so many other patients too. Any recommendations about the numbness? It has been 3 weeks. My husband says it will heal itself. – Kathryn in California

  14. Carey Craig

    I am 60 years old, I had a (discectomy) done on L5/S1 when I was 23 years old. The operation was necessary as I had been suffering excruciating nerve pain down my right leg which led to my leg going numb from the knee down on the right side. I was told by my neurosurgeon that if I did not have the operation I could lose the use of my bowels along with the lower right leg.
    Many people do not understand or are told the whole truth by their doctors about these ” Discectomy ” or ” Laminectomy” operations!! I can not emphasize this enough. Both of these operations are only TEMPORARY FIXES. The operations themselves lead to FURTHER PROBLEMS. I read an article shortly after I had my operation. The article was an investigation into 1800 people whom had one of the operations I have listed above. 95% of those having the operation found relief for a period of betwee 5 and 7 years after which they degenerated back into similar if not the same or worse condition they were in before the operation. It goes without saying that individual cases are going to very in degree of severity. For those whom have had a Discectomy on L5/S1 the largest of the lumbar discs in your back, know this, scare tissue will form in the area where the disc was this scar tissue is not as flexible as the original tissue and thus will leave you forever stiff also this scar does not act as a ( Shock Absorber) and thus the strain of all normal shocks taken by L5/S1 are placed on the remaining discs. Time eventually takes it’s toll and what is described as DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE sets in with narrowing of the various remaining discs and calcification of the spine leading to multiple more problems. The only real lasting good thing from my own operation was that I did regain feeling in my lower right leg after 6 weeks, but note, my doctor told me at the time of the operation It was possible I would not get the feeling back in my leg. So, I am fortunate in that regard. One other point I would like to make, I know several people whom have had two or more surgeries on their backs. Every one of them are worse off then myself, having to take powerfull pain killers. As I mentioned earlier each persons back problems are unique to the individual and I am relating my own experience and my opinions of medical help that I recieved. Those people reading this testimony will take from it what they will. Another, big point I would like to make concerns the use of ( Chiropractors ). I paid out thousands of dollars going to a Chiropractor only to find out that It was the wrong thing for me to do. Allow me to explain. My employer had an insurance plan for employees that allowed so much money for Chiropractic help. I would go to the Chiropractor and he would make what was termed an ( Adjusment ). I would then function for a few months before having what I will call an ( Incident ) which would leave me crawling on the floor for up to 3 days and up to 2 weeks before fully recovering and making another visit to the Chiropractor. This Adjustment a few months of functioning and then another Incident followed by yet another Adjustment went on for several years.
    The day finally came when the funds in the plan ran out and I did not have the pocket money to pay for an Adjustment. I had an ( Incident ) and as per normal It took 2 weeks to recover. The difference this time was that I did not go to the Chiropractor. Low and behold after SEVERAL YEARS now I have (knock on wood ) not had another incident. My back is a long way from perfect but I have not in those years been reduced to crawling on the floor again. My opinion of all this is that the Chiropractor was Adjusting my back and putting it in a position that it could not possibly stay in and thus when an incident would cause my back to move out of the place the Chiropractor put it in, well it would pinch the nerves badly and I would be reduced to crawling on the floor. After the last incident many years ago my back healed in the position it moved to. Not perfect but very livable. I would be glad to hear from anyone that would like to discuss this further with me. It is only through the sharing of experience that we can help one another. I am on FACEBOOK under “Carey Craig” I live in Nova Scotia Canada.

  15. Mithu

    Thanks Raghavji,

    Your comments are encouraging specially after reading so many gloomy comments about this disc herniation problem. I am also suffering from the disc protrusion problem in L5-S1 and was experiencing extreme pain in my left leg due to pinched nerve. Feeling a bit better after taking medication for nearly 25 days and bed rest for nearly 12 days. Now I am able to move for 10-15 minutes but pain returns after some time. Looking forward to see my Doctor after 3 days and know what exercises and further advise is given by him. I feel non -invasive cures are better than operation, that should be considered as lst option.

  16. Mendy

    I had surgery for a ruptured herniated disc two months ago. My left leg and foot was not numb before the surgery , but after surgery completely numb. Some of the numbness has gradually gone away but not much. My problem is when I lift my 30 pound Grand daughter the numbness gets worse and my back hurts terribly where I had the surgery at on my lower back. She is only 1 yr. and 8 mo. old and while she’s a toddler and can walk, when I babysit her , I still have to lift her to get her in her crib at nap time and in her high chair at breakfast and lunch. Also have to pick her up from daycare and get her in and out of car seat. My question is , is it ok to lift 30 pounds two months after surgery ? Also is the deepening of numbness after I lift her and constant back pain normal or a sign of trouble ? I am not getting more then 3 hrs of sleep at night because of pain and if I turn over when I finally do go to sleep the pain wakes me back up. Any answers will be so helpful if any of you have gone through this after surgery. Thank you


    My self raghava rao aged 52, teacher .resident of hyderabad.,andhra pradesh,india,visiting this site for the first time. Ihad slip disc (L 5-S1) 10% and was diagnosed by M R I scan in the year 2001.The doctor suggested surgery,but when i had a seconde opinion others discouraged the idea. Oneday when i was laying down on the floor,suddenly i found my self not able to get up and was suffering with severe pain ,which lasted 24*7 for the next six months. THE WAS LIKE THOUSAND NEEDLES WERE SECURED TIGHTLY TO THE THIGH JOINT. IcOULDnt sit,move laugh,cough,walk without pain.In the beginning i have consulted a homeopathic practitioner Dr.Krishna Bhatt,resident of bangalore,karnataka state.after treatment after three months iwas able to walk with reduced pain.i have continued medication upto 2005. ON THE ADVICE OF A FRIEND I HAVE JOINED INTHE YOGA UNIVERSITY BANGALORE FOR TWO WEEKS .AFTERTPRACTICING THE ASANAS THERWE AND CONTINUING THEM 90% OF MY PROBLEM IS CURED. NOW ONLY OCCATIONLY IWILL BE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH MODERATE PAIN.THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED MAY CONTACT THE WEB SITE SVYASA FOR DETAILS. LIFE WITH PAIN IS BEARABLE,IF YOU START OBSERVING IT,AND ENJOY ING IT.I AM SURE MOST OF THE CASES OF DISC PROLAPS CAN BE CURED EITH OUT SURGERY .FOLLOW HOMEO AND YOGA. DONOT PRACTICE YOGA ON YOUR OWN,WITHOUT EXPERT!S ADVICE .WISHING ALL THE BEST CURE TO ALL PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM SLIP DISC.

  18. Jennifer

    I was in a MVA 7/21/10 and herniated 4 thoracic disks, two impinging on my spinal cord. I have constant pain in between my shoulder blades and under my left shoulder blade. The pain wraps around my rib cage and causes constant pain. I have numbness and weakness in both of my legs. I experience restless leg syndrome type symptoms where you cant touch my skin it kills. I get twitching in my legs and trouble walking, I drag my left leg now. Im 39 yr old female who was a hospice home health aide and very active before my accident. I now can walk for maybe and hour without pain and weakness. I can hardly do anything. I was working when I got in my MVA so its all under workers comp and its a nightmare. 10 months ago I went to the neuro surgeon and he said no surgery because I wasnt bad enough…my lawyer just got my case reopened so I wonder if Im bad enough now for surgery??? Oh and I have had a PT out to wazoo, thoracic epidurals and facet joint injections and no relief. Workers comp sucks!

  19. Tracey

    Does anyone know if the relatively new procedure called Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Lumber Decompression (IG-MILD or IG-MLD) is useful for herniated disc (mine is L5-S1)? It is still considered investigational by some insurance companies (mine) and not covered, but has recently been approved by FDA for some types of treatment; typically spinal stenosis. Thanks.

  20. Shane fogler

    Hi Lorena hang in there . I’m kinda in the same situation as u but I got a disk slip. But just hang In do whatever the doctor and physical therapist says if u have it. And I notice that yoga helps alot and this liquid called terocin topical pai
    Relief lotion and that helps alot I would be way worse if I didn’t do those things. And for the lotion u should ask the doctor to proscribe u some

  21. Lorena

    Hi everyone!

    I would much appreciate any oppinions and any help.
    Two years ago i had an accident and i fell from the 1st floor on concrete steps.
    Been in hospital and they didn’t bother to do any investigations,i had terrible lower back pain and they assumed that i had a coccex fracture and sent me home.
    Since then i have been taking painkillers but 2 weeks ago my pain got worse and i couldn’t move or straighten my back.
    I had then a MRI Scan and they found L5/S1 herniated and also acrack on them.
    As NHS service is c**p i am waiting now for over 2 weeks to be seen and sent for a surgery. As i have learnt from my research the surgery is mainly the methood that seems to solve things.
    I can’t take more painkillers, they don’t work on me,i can’t move, go out or do nothing socially. I feel very depressed.
    Please people with the same problem advise me what is the best option, tell me how you solved this nightmare!
    Thank you very much.

  22. Caroline

    Last year I was 17 years old and needed emergency spinal surgery on a L5 S1 herniated disc that caused me to lose control of my bladder. after surgery, I was playing basketball within 6 weeks of hard physical therapy. I felt great for about a year but am having problems on the opposite side now. just started with steroid injections!

  23. alan lujan

    im 21 years old, and ive first got the symptoms of a herniated disc in 2009, as 2010 passed by it got worse, in 2011 i was unable to sit, walk, or even lay in bed, it was a real humbling and painful year for me. in june i had an injection done one me, and it helped for a little bit, i was able to sit and walk, go to the bathroom with no more pain, but its slowly wearing off, my son is going to be born in march, and i would like to have my life back, i feel like im wasting my youth away. i want to be there for my son every step of the way, and dont want this problem to ever get in the way. can someone please contact me with any information on anything that may fully cure me? i would apreciate it so much. if anyone also knows of any support groups in houston tx, please email me, i would really like a place to vent, and talk to others who feel my struggle. thank you and bless you. email me ….. a.arjon90@gmail.com

  24. Scott P

    I also have a ruptured L5-S1 disc and it pinches my sciatic nerve for several months. I am a programmer and I sit in an office chair 8-10 hours a day, every day. I recently got a Swing Chair by SmartMotion Technology and it has helped ease the pain tremendously

  25. Erick

    please don’t listen to 1 person that had a bad experience with chiro. obviously lady m needs to find a new one. my chiro offers stim, ultrasound and laser therapy. i have found the ultrasound to be most effective for me. my chiro helps me when traditional meds fail. i have had 2 cort. injections with no relief. please exhaust all avenues prior to surgery. i read so many horror stories.

  26. maria

    I had a spinal surgery 2 yrs ago on Level L5/S1 plus screws and plates, everything was going great until 6 months back,and now I have pins and needles,numbness,down my legs buttock chronic pain as well,finding very hard to get out of bed of a morning my body from the waist down is in spasm… than my pins and needles starts in the legs…. as I am trying to shuffle my legs with chronic ( comes good i one hour) been to see a new neurosurgeon 2 weeks ago having surgery after christmas I was told if I have unconrolable bladder or bowel ring him urgentle as I have 24 hours to have surgery this is called…..Cauda Equina) has anyone else with these symptons.

  27. bachgenbach

    I am a year and a half post modern spinal surgery and feel great. I was affraid of surgery on my prolapsed disc as i only understood the problems associated with old style spinal surgey.Modern methods are far less invasive with no risk to spinal chord damage. Pepole like luklinski always refer to the old operation in order to get business. With the verbal promise of complete cure i attended Mr Luklinskis clinic and he made my condition and pain far worse although to this day now post surgery he still thinks he ‘cured’ my prolapsed disc. Only people who have suffered with this pain understand how desperate people become for a cure but be weary of practitioners who have a lot to say for themselves and uif a good coarse of physio from a qualified therapist does not work then dont be affraid of modern spinal surgery.

  28. Scott Christensen

    about the recovery time table for lumbar surgery…..
    usually about 4-6 weeks depending on which type of surgery and type of work you do. I had a lumber diskectomy on L2-3 and took me 6 weeks..
    Good Luck…my surgery went well….but now I am having issues on my other side….

  29. young

    I ment to say neck to low back area,was done on exam table , I had hard time going to sleep and woke up early with pain all over low spine area , to pain killer that I did not want ,naprozin helps a little , and muscle relaxant helps my spine to relax , but I should not need to take any medication after having epidural injection.

  30. young

    doctors know what is going on with herniated discs and nerve pains , but do not want to put it down on medical reports , I have been lied to ,I tore my discs in top lumbar region and they just want to go furder down where it is ok ,have seen my mris and low part of spine being irritated by discs and someone hurt my knek to my low back on exam table , causing 5 mm tear un upper back , that ended up with spinal fluid leak , in 07 and 08 , spinal fluid leak some where down low back and was not ever told what it was ,govement do help docs to not write down correct diagneses , because you will be allergeble for social security ,after my injury I got severily numb all over , could not feel the bottom of feet, doc keetp bending over as I was laying down on exam table and I was wondering what he was doing , then he got to my abdomen and he was doing all his best to get some reaction , maybe tickle or something, I did not feel anything when he was doing that with a pen or other instument .I used to get spasms all over ,my spinal cord get affected ,pain killers is not my friend and did get epedural steriod shot few days ago , but not helping lumbar area pain and L1 and T12 from slipping it own way ,is not life to live in pain , but have to do what we can ,I need surgery to make those discs behave .

  31. Sue

    I have 2 herniated disc in my neck which is causing spinal stenosis-the spinal canal is supposed to be 14-17 mm but at the two herniated discs it is 5 mm and 6 mm. I have been asked by 2 doctors if I have seen either a neurologist or orthopedic surgeon. They won’t take me even with a referral from my PCP because I am self pay or are just not accepting any new patients. I have been in in pain since June 21, 2011-that was when I woke up with severe neck pain. I also have the radiating pain and numbness in the upper body and now I have one leg that is numb and problems with bowel and urinary functions.

    I was told by the nurse at the ER and the receptionist at the Neuro group that the only way I will receive surgery is if I wind up in the ER in REALLY bad shape since I am self pay. I am on my state’s indigent care program so if surgery is deemed medically necessary it will be paid for. If I had insurance(which I can’t afford) I would have no problem being seen by those who took an oath to help people when they are sick. It’s obvious that oath means very little now-it’s all about money

    Monday I am calling doctors in a city that is about an hour south of where I live. I heard it’s somewhat easier to be seen there.

  32. deki

    DRX9000 Decompresion machine
    Look on the internet about that
    I am almost pain free, with 20 session
    Its really help, first you need to fine chiropractor take MRI scan and take to hem
    You have free consultation,and he well explain you everything
    Don’t wait
    good luck

  33. Kelli


    I have had 9 major back surgeries and still have herniated discs at L5-S1, and bulging discs in cervical and lumbar areas plus stenosis, forminal narrowing, facet hypertrophy, arachnoiditis, severe scoliosis after several scoliosis surgeries etc. I started having surgeries when I was 12 I am now 47.
    I am currently on long term narcotic therapy and the TENS unit is my lifesaver. I would not recommend narcotics – period.
    I have my own business because I could not work normal work hours…..I exercise daily and meditate – I used to think meditation was for “those kind of people” but once I tried it for more than 2 weeks at a shot – it changed my life.
    Try physical therapy and if possible natural treatments before you jump to narcotics and/or surgery. Get a TENS unit and make sure they show you where to apply the electrodes. Use it.
    Also, yoga has helped a ton….again I used to think yoga was not for me. Now it saves my life every morning to stretch and deep breath in yoga format.
    When I was 22 I didn’t think about my future and was looking for immediate relief – my work was my life – please seriously consider how any treatment is going to affect your life a month from now, a year from now, 5 years from now etc.
    I will pray for you.
    Kelli from Wisconsin

  34. Billy turner

    I’m 21 years old and been suffering with back pain for nearly three years. I was hit by a vehicle while riding my motorcycle. Although the effects of my injury didn’t sink in intelligence about 5 months I noticed my back getting worse and worse. I’ve had 20 different x rays saying my bone structure is good ..just no curve in my back. And I did wat the docs said lay with pillow under your legs to help put a curve back. But once again nothing. Then I got a MRI of my lower lumbar and it didn’t show anything, I was suppose to get another MRI where all the pain is coming from but my insurance just cut out. I’m trying to figure out what to do BC I’ve done exercises I’ve done went to a chrirpractor. And nothings helping!! Now that its getting in the way of having a life , picking up my daughter and being able to do my job that didn’t consist of any manual labor. I went to the ER a couple of times BC of super pain. And they said more thank likely I have a bulging dislodge a herniateddisk but I have no insurance so I’m seeking advice

  35. Stephanie

    Rachit, I’m so sorry about your pain! I can relate… as I suspect I had an L4L5 disc herniation. It was immobilizing and horribly painful (no laughing, coughing, sneezing without dreadful sciatic pain). Anyway, I didn’t have insurance at the time… so I found a holistic chiropractor to help. I encourage you to try a regular chiropractic plan in combination with acupuncture. It works!! Down with modern medicine.

  36. Lady M

    I hurt myself at work lifting several large planters.(you are not alone) After CT scan & MRI showed several herniated, bulging disc as well as ligament damage …Do not want to go under the knife if i can help it. I will try Cortisone injections first.

  37. mike carnes

    Look if your pain level is so high that you cannot work then yes you should try to get disability but no that it’s not an easy road and can take 3 years to go thru so you might be better off purchasing a short term disabilty insurance from your employers provided health insurance plan because there are so many things one has to do before actually getting a review and you will be denied the first 2 times you apply and a “GOOD ” lawyer is what it will take that isnt lazy and knows what to do and when and he or she will need to provide certain forms before your hearing or they may deny you at your review so good luck ive been waiting for over 3 years now and just had a review,now it will take another 2 months to hear if i get it or not

  38. Mo Ibrahim

    Dear all

    This is the first time I am writing about my condition.
    I have had back pain for many years, probably due to bad posture. In January I was hit by a truck (wasn’t bad, just clipped my car I managed to manouvre to safety), since then I have had excruciating pain. Dr said it was stress related as I had been made redundant a few months prior.
    I was finally referred to a rhumatologist as they thought I might suffer from Arthritis, the Dr recommended I have an MRI in June. They found out I have an thinning and ruptured L5/S1 problem.

    In May I was offered a fantastic job however I now need to sit in an office for 8-10 hours a day. I suffer in silence, I am in chronic pain daily, I have tried all sorts of exercise nothing seems to work. I can not carry the kids, my life is just S**t, I am seriously considering the Surgery, however does anyone know how long recovery is? My company doesn’t pay sick pay, I just started working for them so I do not want to be known as a pain in the but employee but I do not feel as if I have another option. Maybe I will quit and fix mysel first then start all over again looking for a new job, in this economy!!!!

  39. Luzia

    I feel your pain (physically and emotionally). I’m 29 years old and I’ve been struggling with a herniated disc (L5S1) and severe sciatica since April 2010. Before this injury, I was working as a translator, which required me to sit for 8-9 hours per day. I was also about to start Grad School. I did not have back problems before so this came out of nowhere. I was in no way, shape or form prepared to what I had ahead of me though. I have been going through HELL ever since. I’ve seen chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, etc…I have had cortisone shots, endoscopic discectomy and a traditional discectomy (this last one done a little over a month ago). NOTHING has worked, I’m still experiencing daily and excruciating pain. After seen 10 doctors (really!) and trying so many different things, desperation is starting to hit me pretty bad. I have lost my job, my social life is completely destroyed, I am unable to go to school, go out, travel, etc…I take massive amounts of Norco and Vicodin just to get me through the day. The worst part of all of this is that I really have tried everything that I possibly could. Doctors do not really understand your situation 100%, they know you are in pain but they don’t understand the emotional impact of a problem like this on a young person’s life. I feel like I have aged 10 years in the last 18 months, the amount of pain and stress I’ve been going through is too hard to even describe. I feel your desperation, you are young and just want to move on with your life. I don’t know if I am in any position to give you advice but I just wanted to share my story with you to show you that you’re not alone. Maybe you will have more luck and your body will be able to recover naturally, with the proper combination of rest, medication and exercise (water exercises are by far the BEST ones since the impact is minimum). Another thing that brought me SOME relief were the cortisone shots. They are designed to reduce inflammation, bringing the pain level down as well. I am really sad that nothing has been able to help me to a point where I can go back to my normal life. However, people respond differently to the same treatments sometimes. I am hoping that you can find some relief for yourself. I wish you the best of luck. Do not freak out about your career, you are still very young and by the time you get through this you’ll still have plenty of time to succeed professionally.

    P.S – I apologize for any english mistakes you may encounter. I am a foreigner so it isn’t my first language.

  40. Annette

    Hi everyone , I’m a 42 yrs. old. I just had immediate emergency surgery for a lumbar decompression for L4-L5 & S1 nerve impigment .I have severe nerve damage from the waist down to my toes .I now have Cauda Equina Syndrome . Which has effected my bladder , bowels and sexual dysfustion, and lower leg weakness , which I have to wear a AFO ankle / foot brace . It could have lefted me paralyzed if I didn’t have the surgery . Intially I had severe scitiaic left leg pain going from butt going down leg into toes , and alot of hip pain . After sugery spine sugueon put me into Rehab , to learn how to walk again , cause I was competly numb from waist down . I wAnt to know if anyone out there who has Cauda Equina ===do you have scatic pain after lumbar diskecomomy surgery ?

  41. face

    I have a question if anyone can help me, I have degenerative disc C5 and herniation C6 C7…..yesterday i went for an epidural, they couldn’t get a vain on me for sedation…she said i have squirly vains what ever that means…..what happens if i need surgery…..and they can’t get an iv in me…..needless to say i did it without sedation…wasn’t that bad actually…..sore, but i think it might help….I’m just scared if i might need surgery

  42. Prakash


    Go,take up the surgery.Isnt it better than living with pain for the whole life?If performed with the hands of an expert surgeon,no need to worry at all.You can recover within 3 weeks.One thing,this will cost about $1500.But still leave a pain free life.Saying from my own experience.



  43. gari

    quick update on what i wrote a week or so ago about using an inversion table for a herniated lumbar disc (see a few comments below). I am now around 5 weeks after experiencing sciatica symptoms for the first time after herniating a disc, i have been using an inversion table for just over a week now. In that time my pain has reduced dramatically but it’s hard to say if that’s coincidence or if it’s down to the table, maybe i was getting better anyway. I definitely think the table has helped but it’s hard to prove that. I will say that at the very least it’s a great way to help you stretch the muscles in your back and therefore break the cycle of pain, muscle tension, more pain. I bought this from someone who hadn’t found it so useful but they hadn’t started using it until 2 years after their problems began. They also happened to mention that in those 2 years their hamstrings had become so tight and shortened that their current physio reckons it will take them a further 2 years of exercises and stretches to fix this. So be warned, get help straight away and do the stretching exercises you are given. I definitely wouldn’t be without an inversion table now so if you are having problems it’s worth looking in to. Strangely the first line of the wikipedia page on inversion therapy states that it’s rarely taken seriously as an aid to back pain, and then later in the same page gives details of 5 scientific studies which show results ranging from incredibly amazingly good to just very good. So i don’t know what’s going on there. One piece of advice i would have is the same as everyone else says, start of gradually (no more than 30 degrees below horizontal for a few days) and gradually work up if you need to. Most people say 60 deg is plenty, i have never gone beyond 45. Also treat it as you would any other form of stretching, go in to inversion VERY slowly, come out of it VERY slowly, do gradual stretches before going on it, don’t do anything which causes pain. Pretty simple.

  44. Rachit

    I started having back pain in june this year. The pain was not extreme but it never went away. I have tried Ceragem therapy but no relief. One day I sneezed and suddenly the pain felt like a jolt of electricity in my lumbar portion – it was the worst pain of my life. I got a MRI done which shows L4-L5 disc herniation. Neurosurgeon checked my reflexes and told me that I have my nervous system intact. He gave me an exercise routine which I follow sincerely.
    The pain has reduced but is still more than what it was before that stupid sneeze.
    Also i went to an orthopedic surgeon and what he told me was very demoralizing. He said no matter how much you exercise the herniation will never go away. He said maybe you’ll spend your entire life without needing surgery and maybe it can happen that you may need a surgery tomorrow.
    This has really worried me I have just got my first job I am 22.
    If he is right then why are articles there on internet saying just opposite.
    Please please please respond I cant afford to live with this I’ll lose my job.
    I have been recruited as a Business Analyst which requires 8-12 hrs sitting.
    I don’t want my career to end before it starts.

  45. terry baker

    i had surgery on august 25. the doctor worked on my spine. he worked on my L4 and L5. they were numb before andthis is oct. 23 and the legs are still numb. i dont know what to do.

  46. Ravi

    Hi Amit,

    Well first of all you should not lose your patience i can understand your problem because i have been suffering from the same problem for last 3 years. You should be strong from the inside then you can fight with this situation. I am giving you some practices which i usually do and found effective. First if you are in a very pain do not move your body and just Lye on bed but and posture should not be on the pain side you will have to avoid lying on the pain side, if pain is high take an injection of Voveran which is a pain killer, you may take this injection every day i take 3 times in a day after taking an injection just take rest on bed do not even move for single thing. You may even take Nuro Kind tab which strong your nervous system. you will have to apply this procedure for ten days once you will start getting rid of the pain then go for physiotherapy. see it is useless to being on pain all the time it also damage your nerves system so you should try taking voveran injection even you may take this twice in a day. this does not have any side effects. I tried this procedure and i am perfectly fine now goes on work everyday…..

  47. Marie

    I am a 45 year old with a herniated disk between L4 L5 at S1 with left nerve impingement. I injured my back on May 20th after what I believe was the result of turning my mattress. I have always put a strain on my back because I am overweight PLUS I carry too much and I don’t watch myself. That night pain began to shoot up my left leg and into my lower back so badly that I barely made it up the stairs to my bedroom. The pain was unbelievable and when I woke up the next day I could hardly move to get up out of my bed. I made the big mistake of going to my chiropractor first. The younger assistant to the main chiropractor was the one who ordered an MRI for me. After the MRI confirmed his diagnosis, he ordered spinal decompression. I was in terrible pain that was anywhere between a 6 to 10 on the pain scale. In the beginning I had bad days and a handful of sporadic days when I felt some very SLIGHT relief. After 18 treatments (2 to 3 times per week) I was in no better shape than when I had started. In fact the pain seemed to be getting worse. In August I decided to see a Physical Therapist. At first, I responded fairly well to the treatment but after six weeks I felt no significant improvement in pain relief. My body felt stronger and my range of movement was better but at times the pain was agonizing. My physical therapist recommended that I see an Orthopedic Surgeon, which is what I should have done at the very start. She thought there might be some nerve damage since the pain was all over my left side: lower back, left hip, thigh, all over the knee, below the knee and at times in my left ankle, and no matter what type of treatment I had there was no improvement in pain. I went to the orthopedic surgeon and he said my condition was not severe enough for surgery and the treatments had helped. He ascertained this through a thorough examination and assessment. My response was, “Then why am I in so much pain that I could scream?” He said it was from the pinched nerve and he felt my best option was epidural injections. He reassured me that I had nothing to be afraid of and they would help me. I had my first one on September 27th and I have to say my pain is more manageable. I went from pain that was 8 to 10 on a daily basis to about 1 to about a 3 on bad days. I am going back for a second one next week. Pain has become a bit more pronounced in the passed week but it is NOTHING like what I went through for four months. I would say that 70 percent of the pain is gone.
    I was taking Tramadol, Advil, Aleve, Extra Strength Tylenol and NOTHING helped. I was up to seven or eight Advil a day and that raised my blood pressure to stroke levels and my doctor made me cut down the dosage. I now only have to take two Tylenol Arthritis and that takes the edge off the discomfort. I sometimes walk without a cane now and I don’t cry daily in pain. Thank God for this blog because I knew I wasn’t alone. It’s so true: NO ONE understands this pain unless they’ve been through it themselves. I had some people telling me I was over dramatic and I had a low tolerance for pain. That’s BULL. It’s horrible. It’s debilitating. I couldn’t do a thing. I cried terribly. I couldn’t even lift a teapot to make tea! I turned into a horrible person during this ordeal. Walking was a terrible struggle and standing was agony, not to mention sitting and sleeping. I was depressed and right before my first epidural I started having horrible panic attacks and thought my next step was to see a therapist and take an antidepressant, but thankfully I am rising from the ashes. Epidurals are great!! Anyone who has this pain, don’t give up. It can feel like the end of the world and I am still not completely convinced that I’ll be 100 percent ever again, but the key is FINDING THE RIGHT DOCTOR(S) and exercise and lose weight. Strengthen the stomach muscles and be conscious of how you position yourself and keep the spine straight. And be careful with pain killers!
    I was surprised at how many people I have met who have had this condition.
    Keep the faith!

  48. Kevin Harris

    I have just herniated my disk l4/5 lower back region this afternoon lifting a heavy potplant full of soil. Please advise , I am seeing a chiro tommorrow at 9.30 who pretty much diagnosed me over the phone and I have self diagnosed this by the symptoms and pain distribution.
    So nervous of losing my surfing ability as I have returned from a long lay off and dont want a long time out I am 45 now. Early intervention to avoid more damage and how long before I can surf again???

  49. tammy robinson

    Hello all, its nice to find a place where people know what im talking about when using medical terminology and can relate to the pain I feel in my everyday life 🙂
    I’m a wife, a mother of 3, a student, and a mail and file clerk, u can say I do it all! I’ve had back pain for 17 yrs now but never had insurance, last year i found myself at the ER in so much pain i couldn’t move. come to find out I have 2(L3\L4, L4\L5) level 3 disc herniation’s, severe nerve damage, arthritis, degenerative disc disease here I am only 30. I’m on meds, and been doing pt for about 3 months, and i feel i have just plateaued. My pain usually stays at a7 if ur counting from 1-10. I’ve seen the nuero surgeon and she recommends surgery but after i loose about 50 lbs with the lap band and wants me to start injections right away. I work seasonal and now its time for me to go back to work and i’m wondering if i can do this:\ especially with all the pain pills i’m on and with the pain im in, does any one know if I might qualify for disability? my doctor is recommending it also? but I nervous to apply???

  50. astro

    For initial treatment of slipped disc, you probably need some anti-inflammatory pain killers (e.g. Ibuprofen) to make the inflammation go down so that the nerve is not irritated any more. If that doesn’t work, then you need steroids (e.g. prednisolone). If that still doesnt work, then you need an epidural short directly to the site of the inflammation. If even that doesnt work, then surgery is an option. After initial success with these treatments, you maintain the success by doing physiotherapy and integrating core muscles exercise (stomach, legs) into your daily routine. Hope this helps

  51. teddy

    Well I know whoever is checkin this out is back pain lookin for help.well quess what so am I, im 22 years old. I have had a herniated disc in my lower back ive been livin with it for 10+ years and cant even lift over 30 pounds without throwing it out sould I get surgery or what

  52. Don

    Hello all! Well I am 38 and I have played football and wrestled.. I would not say i have abused my back cause i reallynever had any bad problems, but i am sure my sports past did not help.. Anyways fastforward to age 38.. My lower back has always felt weak but never hurt.. Even when i played football i always felt my lower back was not that strong compare to the rest of my body.. Anyways I was in the mall on 2/2011 and i stopped by the Sketcher store and decided to buy those ugle SHAPEUP shows.. My wife made fun of me, but i said WOW I like that way they feeel i feel like i can walk fast and they suppose to get in in shape.. Anyways i wore them for 2 weeks and started to notice mild back discomfort. I decided not to wear them anymore. 2 months later I still had some mild to moderate back issues but no major pain.. just they type of pain u feel when getting up from seated or using the toliet etc… I then took a MRI which showed MODERATE STENOSIS and 3 hernated disc.. 2 doctors said no surgery but u have some issues.. I did not do any PAIN MEDS or anything .. I weight 240 so i need to lose atleast 30lbs…

  53. gari

    great that so many people have shared their experiences, it is extremely helpful for those of us who are experiencing this for the first time and are very worried about it. Just to share mine… i have had sciatica for around 4 weeks now after a fairly normal movement when i jumped out of bed to answer the phone. Felt a sharp pain in my left buttock and it has slowly progressed in to my thigh. My physio reckons it’s a herniated lumbar disc. EngineerRich’s timeline matches my experience EXACTLY so far, which is encouraging as it means i might be getting better in the near future : ) The real reason i am posting though is to say that i got an inversion table today after reading about them online. I have only used it twice for about 5 or 10 mins at a shallow angle of around 30 degrees and the relief it has given me so far is bordering on miraculous. The logic behind it appealed to me so i thought i’d give it a go (decompress spine and hopefully cause the disc bulge to be sucked back in a little as the vertebrae on either side are pulled apart). Like i say, so far so good but it’s early days, i’ll report again in the next few days once i have a better idea but just wanted to put this out there. I got mine second hand locally, VERY inexpensive and easy to use.

  54. Dennis Miller

    Remember when we were told to lift with our legs? I never could get my toes to grip well enough so I used my back…seriously..after my second surgery it was something that comes naturally now.all of the above comments are right on track..my 2nd injury was caused by a nethanderthal ,ahole chiropractor who did no x-rays and surprized me with the downward pressure of the “adjustment”and left the room after I yelled out in pain….long story DO NOT GO TO BONECRACKERS.also do not ignore those pains no matter how small,and the skin tingels i think that is the earliest warning..those nerves are stressed…be carefull my friends..the good thing about my last surgery,it was very sucessful..the bad thing it took a long time to recover and the vicidon,it made me dream…about monsters

  55. john simpson

    the thing is if the pain is unbearable surgery is the only option you would do yourself more damage i am waiting frustratingly until the 2nd november for meeting with surgeon

  56. Brelynn Pauli

    I truly feel for you all. I was suffering from major, unbelievable pain in my back in Feb. of 2009. I was taken to the hospital and after an MRI, I was rushed for surgery to remove discs from my L1 and L2. Only 8 days later, I was rushed back in to remove more discs. Then again, only weeks later I was rushed for surgery again! I am now in unbelievable chronic pain 24/7, and have to go for nerve blocks, epidurals, and deep tissue blocks weekly, bi-weekly, and every 6 weeks. I am no longer in control of my body or what it does. I also have had my cyatic nerve pinched for the last few years. I have gained 50 pounds since the surgeries, and am desperatley looking for ways to lose the weight….. please help.

  57. constantine

    My friend, i have similar problems too and i can tell you some supplementation which will make your quality of life better and with a long term use it could even heal the problem.
    Start takin 1500 mg of glucosamine with 1200 mg chondroitin a day with msm at least 750 mg
    take a good multivitamin with a goood amount of vitamin e which is vital for inflammation and mobility
    take an extra b complex with good amounts of thiamine to reduce the neurologcal symptoms because of the pinched nerves
    take an extra vitamin c at least 1000 mg to help in collagen production
    take 750 mg-1500 mg of collagen
    take 2 gr of omega 3 fish oils a day(2*1000 mg)
    Abd for the pain you can use as pain relievers and inflammation reducers extractis of boswellia serrata 250 mg-750 a day (or turmeric) or the enzyme serrapeptase(40.000-80.000 a day :
    Finally dont forget to build some muscle mass on your spine and your abs,so exercise is a must.you could try creatine supplementation(2-3 gr after exercise with 2-3 gr of dextroze for better absorbation) for a while when you feel better and you will be able to exercise.When you have musscles the help you control the problem.
    Hope you the best.

  58. billy judd

    hi folks as u ar having trouble with discs as i did fr 10 years al the docs said 2 me dont bother about it till it afects ur bladder wat a joke that was.my l5 disslodged and it got hold of my cauda equina nerve it has left me in a shame full state of incontinant my advice to any 1 with lumber disk trouble have them removed asap ive been like this now fr 14 mounths

  59. Thilak Kumarasiri

    I have been suffering with slip disc from last 3 year, it really pains….i can’t even sit for 20 mins because it starts paining, sometimes it even pains when i am lying on bed….. I used pain killers but only for short time. And also use the hard belt.i

    please help me to get rid of this pain completely…. please suggest me what to do…..

  60. deki

    I have 3 bulging disc
    at L2/3, L3/4 ,L4/5 and on L5/S1
    I am going on SPINAL DECOMPRESSION with DRX9000
    I am done 6 treatment and i am almost pain free
    You need to found chiropractor why have this machine, and he make consultation for free. If you qualified that is work best
    Found out more on the internet about DRX9000

  61. amit bhatia

    i have been suffering with slip disc from last 1 year, it really pains….i can’t even sit for 10 mins because it starts paining, sometimes it even pains when i am lying on bed….. i have tried physiotherapy, i apply cold packs daily, but the relief is only temporary.i cant do anything, i cant run, cant dance, the worst of all i cant even sit, oh god please at least let me sit without pain, i beg you.
    i am really tensed, and frankly speaking sometimes i feel like committing suicide as i can’t bear this pain at all sometimes….please help me to get rid of this pain completely…. please suggest me what to do…..

  62. celeste

    I was diagnosed with3 bulging lumbar discs with spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and arthrtis of the back and hip. I am in terrible pain 24/7. it hurts to walk sit, my balance is terrible. my pain shoots down both legs my pain burns like it is on fire. I have a appt with a neurosurgeon but do not have medical insurance since i can’t work because of the pain. any suggestions as to what I can do. my primary dr has me on muscle relaxers and tramadol which do not help.

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