Monthly Archives: May 2011

Exercise and Diet for Herniated Disc

I have changed my diet and exercise regimen to cater toward my herniated disc problems.  I have obtained positive results since I made these changes.  On top of changing my diet, I have also included daily supplements to assist my daily nutritional needs.

I went into a state of depression for about a a year and a half and really let myself go.  I thought all hope was lost and I was not exercising or eating healthy at all.  I probably put on about 30lbs over the 1.5 years, obtained high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides.

After I got these blood test results, something just fired up in me to start making some life changes.  I started listening and watching media that motivates me and get my adrenaline flowing.  I am now feeling much  better and my herniated disc pain and discomfort is at a tolerable state right now.

Diet Changes and Supplments

  • I haved eliminated foods that are high in saturated fats, sodium, and cholesterol.
  • I have increased my protein intake.
  • I have limited my carbohydrate intake to include mostly low glycemic carbs.
  • I am supplementing daily with: Whey Protein Isolate, Flax Seed Oil, Glucosamine, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and a Multi-Vitamin
  • I am eating about 4 to 5 balanced meals per day that are spaced 3 to 4 hours apart.

Exercise Changes

  • Cardio Exercise: I do the elliptical machine.  It’s low impact and great to get the muscles and joints moving.
  • Weight Training: I have stopped using free weights that put a lot of compression on my spine and switched to using machines.  I was always against this, but I love it now and would never go back.  My goals have changed drastically since my injury and I am doing whatever I have to do to take care of my back.

Sarapin Injection in Thoracic Spine

For some reason lately my middle to upper back has been bothering me, thoracic region of the spine.  I have a good muscular build, but I do have bad posture at times and I think this is the main cause of the pain.  I have pinched nerves in my lower back and can tell the difference between a pulled muscle and a pinched nerve.  The pain I’m feeling is definitely a pinched nerve in the thoracic vertebrae.

Over the the past couple of months I had two distinct situations where I was barely able to move due to the pain.  The funny thing is I was barely doing anything when my back started acting up.  I can run and jump all over the place and not feel too much pain, but something as simple as walking aggrivated it so bad that I had to lay on my back for 2 days.  I was literally walking out of my job casually after a day of work and I felt this pop sensation.  I could barely support my torso without feeling pain.  The pain is in the area of the back between the upper and middle where you bend.  I have always had bad posture here and I think that is one of the main causes of everything.  I also did heavy squats when exercising that could have contributed toward this for many years.

I have already received 2 epidural injections of cortizone in my lower spine this years.  My doctor wants to wait a little bit before giving me anymore steroids so he gave me a shot of sarapin in the thoracic spine.  It’s hard to tell if it helped or not, but if it did, it wasn’t any major improvements.  After doing a bit of research, a few sarapin injections may need to be given over a period of time.  Apparently there are minimal side effects with sarapin, so I think I’m going to give this a try again.

Does anyone have any experience with a Sarapin injection in the spine?