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Hi, my name is Daniel and I am the author of this website.  I am personally dealing with back pain due to myalgia and bulging/herniated discs in both the lumbar and thoracic spine. I decided to create this blog to share my own personal experiences, create a kind of journal for myself, list possible treatment options, and provide a way for others with back pain to share their experiences with one another.  Just to be clear, I am not a doctor and any advice found on this website should be discussed with your doctor beforehand (please read the Disclaimer.  I am simply another victim of a back pain and just looking to provide others with support and information that I have obtained over the years.

How I Injured my Back (2008)

When I was in my late teens and early 20’s, I was big into weight lifting.  I never competed or anything like that, but I was always pushing for personal records with respect to the amount of weight I can lift for 1 rep.

I was always motivated and kept pushing and pushing. I was a natural weight lifter and ate really healthy.  Back in 2008, I was squatting and I kind of felt a pop in my lower back.  I had a little bit of pain but nothing major.  I decided to take off for a few weeks and just rest.  No matter what I did, I always had this slight annoying pain in my lower back and into my butt.  I decided to pursue medical treatment.

Doctor’s Diagnosis and Herniated Disc Treatment

I had and MRI done and it showed that I had an L4 L5 herniated disc and impingement on the S1.  As time went on I still continued to do my weight lifting.  Eventually the pain got worse and started going into my left leg and left foot.  Depending on the day, I have pain and numbness starting from my lower back and going into my butt, left leg, and left foot.

I decided to quit weight training while I received treatment. My job is demanding enough where I need to stand on my feet all day and perform some physical activity, this is painful enough.  I have tried chiropractic therapy for 1 month as suggested by my pain management doctor.  I didn’t really notice any improvements from that.  I have also been undergoing Physical Therapy.  Physical Therapy definitely helps and makes me feel better but it’s only temporary relief.  I try to go at least once per week.  I work Monday through Friday over night, so I try to go to physical therapy on Friday’s when I get off work so I can just relax for the weekend.  I’m also taking an opioid, NSAID, and a muscle relaxer for pain medication on an as needed basis.  Physical therapy definitely helps improve my quality of life.  I went to a few different places before I found a good physical therapist.  I’m very happy with the place I go to now.

I have also tried 3 epidural shots.  I didn’t really feel much relief from the shots.  I would say that they worked for a few days but they wore off pretty quickly. I don’t think I’m going to try them again. My doctor suggested a 4th shot but I’m still debating if I should try it again.

So as of now I am dealing with my herniated disc issues with Physical Therapy and Pain Medication.  I am trying to develop an exercise regimen for myself and just change my fitness goals completely.  I am going to avoid doing any exercises that compress my spine such as heavy squats, clean and jerk, and deadlift.  I’m going to focus on strengthening my back and abdomen muscle mainly to help support good posture.  I’m also going to include stretching and some cardio sessions. I’m probably going to perform this like 3 days per week.  I feel like I just need to start exercising again but in an intelligent way.  Obviously, I will not be able to perform my heavy lifting routines again.  As you get older things have to change anyway.  My goals now are to just take care of my back and stay in shape.

I am definitely not at the point where I would consider herniated disc surgery just yet.  If I am ever to consider surgery it would have to be because I couldn’t really walk or go about my daily life due to pain.  As of now the Physical therapy, heating pads, and pain medication is helping me maintain my currently lifestyle.  I just have to take it easy sometimes.  I had 2 flare ups last year where I had to lay in bed basically for a few days because I lifted something very carelessly.  I am very focused on form and using my knees now whenever I go to lift something.  I never want to experience those flare ups again because they were so painful I couldn’t even walk.  I would say that if my daily life was like that, then I would have no other choice but to undergo surgery.

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  1. Amie Villiard


    My name is Amie and I am 43 years old. I have 8 buldging disks. 4 in the neck which are causing spinal cord damage, 3 in the thoracic that I have have for 19 years and cause excrusiating pain. and one in the lumbar that doesn’t bother me much because it is noting compared to the thoracic pain.

    I read your thoracic page and you mention surgery? I can’t find any doctor willing to do a disectomy to get the discs off my nerve roots. Do you know of any? I can’t take the pain anymore and they do want to fix my neck, but say it is too dangerous to do thoracic surgery. Anyway, If I don’t get it I will loose my job, my insurance, and everything I have worked so hard for. I just need a doctor who will do it. I have a new MRI showing the disks on the nerve, but they only like to do surgery in that area if your spinal cord is compressed and mine is only has medium compression. I have been having temporary paralysis and other symtoms that are scaring the hell out of me. If you know something I don’t please help!!! Thanks for the site. Amie

  2. amanda

    My name is amanda. My husband is about to turn 28. He and I split for a year and durring that year he was homeless and had to carry a larg pack on his back at all times of the day. He has a herniated stomach which causes him to have poor posture..the doctor wont tell us how to fix this. He has peptic ulcers so cant take any anti inflamatory medications. His back has been hurting him for 6 months now. 3 months ago he started getting shooting pains down his leg, and numbness from his waist down to his toes. He says it feels like something is about to “pop” in his back, and often describeds it as leaking out. If you put pressure on his spine he feels as if he has to void his bowles asap..even though he dosent. he had to wait 5 weeks to see his doctor ..who gave him an mri and said he had a “herniated buldging lumbar disc”. she refered him to a spinal doctor. It has been 3 weeks since his diagnosis, and he has another 3 weeks to go untill he gets to see the spinal doctor. He is in so much pain, and says its unbarabul most of the time. His doctor told him they dont perscribe pain pills for this.. though hes in so much pain he rarely leaves the house. he hasnt been able to sleep in bed with me in 3 months. He cant go on walks, pick up our 3 year old son, or even hold his hand … because our son likes to jump alot. I dont know what to do. He went to the doctor 2 days ago asking for help because it hurt so bad ..and he cant take ibp because last time he bled out and had to have 4 transfusions… but they just shruged him off… any advice… on how to take his pain away? what are these exercises that help that part of the back get stronger?

  3. Lee

    Great blog. I am 67 and have had 2 lower back operations in the 90’s with good results.Had two epidural shots for my neck in 2005 but did no good, so I opted for neck surgery. When life gets to the unbearable point you try anything to stop the pain. I have gone to chropractors with little results. Gone to physical therapist with better results. I have reinjured my back a few times but not to the point of no return. I have and still do the streching on a weekly basis.I was again lucky in 2008 to find a great P/T. He told me about core exercise to strenthen the stomach muscle’s which I have done on a regular basis up til May of this year when I had to have a herina repair which was 8 weeks of taking it easy. I have started back on the streching. I have been taking a mult-vitamin for a few years and now vitamin D and flax seed meal on cereal. Tough for me to stay away from the sweet stuff though which not good for me at all. Don’t know any of this helps to let some know there is hope but… knock on wood… I’keep moving forward.

  4. Ac

    Glad I found this blog. I’ve been dealing with lower back pain since I was 17. I originally injured it playing basketball but the pain didn’t last long and I continued being an athlete through college and then the military with little to no issues. I was then injured in early 2006, while overseas and although the pain was manageable after a couple of days of bed rest, I have had continued flare ups since then. I was always able to fight through it even with my current job where I also put my back through a lot physically, but in June 2010 I threw my back out and have been in pain for a yr straight on and off. I tried pain meds and the chiropractor, but it was little help. I finally had an MRI done, and to no surprise, it showed a large herniation at L4-L5. I’ll be going to a spine specialist for the first time this week and I’m hoping to avoid surgery. I’ve always been athletic and active but have put on 25-30 pounds since june2009 with the majority of that weight in this past yr alone, and to say the
    least it is quite depressing. I’m hoping I can find a way to get through this with no surgery and get back to a somewhat normal life even if that means I’ll have to change my whole lifestyle. I’ll have to start an exercise routine in order to shed some of this weight, which I’m know isn’t helping me, and get back in shape. Thanks for giving those of us who are also suffering an outlet to share experiences and pain management techniques. It nice to get in sight from others with similar issues.

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