Lumbar Herniated Disc

5 Things to Know about a Lumbar Herniated Disc

If you are dealing with a lumbar herniated disc, you are going to want to have as much information about the issue as possible. If you are informed, you can better understand your doctor as you approach your treatment. You will fully understand your options, and you will know what to expect during your treatment. While there are multiple facets to lumbar herniated disc treatment, these are five things that you should know before heading into treatment.

You Need a Doctor

If you think that you are dealing with a lumbar herniated disk, you must seek the help of a doctor. There are a lot of variables that can affect the severity lumber herniated disc. MRI machines can help to identify how serious the issue is. The doctor will be able to put you on the right course of lumbar herniated disc treatment.

There are Exercises

If you are working to fix your lumbar herniated disc, exercises are a big step in the right direction. People often skip exercises when they injure their back, as they feel that it will simply worsen the pain. Performing the correct exercises will help to relieve this pain.

Know the Causes of the Issue

If you think you have a lumbar herniated desk, symptoms are important to understand. You want to know that you are reading symptoms correctly, and are not ignoring other symptoms because of your back pain. It is also important to know the lumbar herniated disc causes. If you can find the cause of your issue (accident, sport, age, poor nutrition/wellness), you can ensure that you avoid the problem again.

Laying Down can Make it Worse

Many people turn to bed-rest to deal with their lumbar herniated disc pain. Many fail to realize that too much bed-rest could actually worsen the issue. Your back will begin to weaken when you spend too much time in bed. This could actually cause more pressure to be put on your nerves, which will then cause more pain.

You Should Go Through Physical Therapy

If you are dealing with a lumbar herniated disc, physical therapy can help to remove the pain. Herniated discs need to be made more flexible. They need to be made strong. Physical therapists will be able to show you the safe and correct ways to strengthen your discs and back.

If you want to get over your lumbar herniated disc as fast as possible, listen to your doctor. You want to know exactly what you are dealing with, and the best course of action for dealing with it. When you know what you are dealing with, you can be sure to attack the problem safely and efficiently. When you know what you are dealing with, you can be sure that you will be pain free as soon as possible.

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