I am Back! – Update 2020

Hi everyone, I know it’s been many years since I updated my Back Pain blog and I apologize. Life got in the way, which led me to a long break. I am back for good and plan giving weekly updates about my life, progress, and how I deal with the pain. Many things have changed in my life and I will try my best to divide the major events into individual posts.

Hopefully, all of the people who left comments and told their stories will be able to update their progress and provide new information for others to read. This blog was originally meant to be a journal for me. After rereading all the comments from people who are dealing with similar issues, I feel blessed to know I’m not alone and hope everyone is living life the best that they can. As we all know, those who deal with back pain (any pain) on a daily/weekly basis live much different lives from those who cannot relate. Back Pain causes me loss of energy, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and many many other unwanted physiological problems.

Anyway, I hope to hear from the folks who were here in the past and welcome new comers to post. I will provide some new posts about my life shortly. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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