Back Injury from Car Accident Disability

Let me first apologize for not updating everyone about my back condition. I haven’t posted in a long time because I have been working 12 to 14 hours per day and trying to be a loving father and husband to my family.

As all of you know, I suffer from disc problems in the lumbar spine L4 L5 S1 and muscle problems in the thoracic area which are causing pinched nerves. I get numbness and shooting pain that goes down my left leg and radiates into my left and right foot.

I was on a treatment regimen which included physical therapy twice per week, medication, and hours restriction at my job. I had applied for an ADA request due to my situation. My job has temporarily accommodated my request for 8-10 hour work day maximum. I am in management and paid a salary. Unfortunately most days require extended hours at my facility. The physical demand of the job is heavy with minimal sitting time.

I was on the road to recovery but unfortunaltely got into a minor car accident. I really didn’t think much of it at the time because I felt fine. Boy was I wrong! Later that night when I went to work (I work nights), I started to feel aches and shooting pain. I was already accustomed to a certain amount of pain that I managed with my medication. The pain I was feeling in my back, left leg, and feet felt horrible and I wasn’t able to find enough relief from my current medication.

I took myself to the hospital to get checked out. They treated me and excused me from work until I saw my pain management doctor. When I saw my doctor he stated he wanted me to stay out of work for 4 weeks. He had changed my medication and increased physical therapy to 3 times per week. He said another epidural injection would be given in two weeks. He doesn’t want me to do any heavy lifting and no excessive sitting, walking, or standing.

I really took a step backwards. I was showing some progress prior to the accident. It didn’t seem that bad until the next day. The accident really exacerbated my back problems. My back, leg, and feet hurt more than ever. I applied for disability for now, hopefully I won’t be out too long and things will calm down over the next few weeks while I’m getting plenty of rest.

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  1. Mithu

    Hello everybody!

    I am the same person who visited this site one and half years ago , when I was suffering acute pain due to disc protrusion between L5 S1. I can understand the amount of physical discomfort accompanied by a feeling of despair, helplessness and a sudden shock that one feels after encountering this most common but horrific experience that takes away all confidence. I was a healthy and active person managing the office and family responsibility with ease. Since I was a woman and 47 year old, I used to feel tired at the end of the hectic day and took it as a normal sign of ageing. Later my tiredness was accompanied by a dull muscular pain in left leg. It was annoying as before that I never had any kind of pain history. I neglected the words of my mother , who kept cautioning me against lifting the plant pots ( I like plants) and standing in kitchen for long times. She used to tell to rest for a while in between cooking and other house chores. Well, dont we take our mothers for granted?? And then , one day while returning from office my leg pain started increasing and by the time I reached home I was barely able to walk. Even then I was sure that it would be temporary and will vanish after taking off the shelf meds and rest. So I forced myself the next day to do most of the works , while I was in lot of pains and it resulted in complete breakdown. So a big caution, nip at the bud. Dont do self medication and go to a good Doc by that I mean a reliable Doctor. I had been to Neuro , who suggested for colour doppler imaging to see the blood clot in my vain, but no result. I went to Ortho who after taking X ray of spine suggested Physiotherapy and after 3 days of these exertions I was completely bed ridden and in extreme pain that would not subside with any pain killer or external application of ointments. Finally my family physician suggested another Orthopedic , who after seeing X ray suggested for MRI and gave me some pain killers and nerve strengthening capsules and most importantly suggested for literal Bed Rest for 10 days. I took leave from office as was not able to even getup from the bed because my left leg used to feel as if all veins are entangled and twisted. Even then my impatience prevailed and I tried to getup from bed to help my mother , who was now providing my meals at my bedside. It was pathetic to see that the people whom you used to look after are now looking after you. I tried some alternate measures like Accupressure and hot electric vibration massage from a good Physiotherapist.

    But I will suggest everybody to be patient and fully follow what Doc has said as for my case only rest and later after 15 days some mild exercises alongwith physiotherapy and sun exposure started to ease my problem. I am all right now. But a word of caution specially for women to take care of their Calcium and Vit D as per advise of Doctor only and atleast have some exposure to Sun rays. It is my personal feeling that in case of spine that is finely tuned by GOD please do not try any extreme procedures like Chiropractice, surgery,injections etc unless that is the last option left with you and be patient I neglected the advise of 10 days bed rest and ended in 3 months of disabling pain. The problem that sets in so suddenly takes its time and goes away slowly. But take care to do regular exercise and abstain from lifting heavy objects and twisting the spine in awkward manner.

    Wishing health and happiness for all.

  2. Daniel Post author

    Hey Gareth, thank you for your follow-up story. I think the mind definitley plays a big role with one’s quality of life. Staying positive and keeping that motivation will go a long way. I’ll definitley check out that book and perhaps link it to the site’s store.


  3. gareth dickson

    Hi Daniel,
    thanks for the update, and thanks again for the blog you set up, i remember it helped me a lot just to read other peoples thoughts when i was suffering from sciatica.
    Can i just make one recommendation to anyone who’s suffering from back pain and may be interested. It’s a book called “The Mind Body Prescription” by Dr John Sarno. If you look for it on amazon you’ll find a very cheap copy no problem, and some of the most positive reviews i’ve ever read for any book. It’s about how the mind can actually create and perpetuate pain syndromes which feel, as i know from experience, incredibly real. What initially won me over is the fact that most back pain is experienced by people in mid life (which also happens to be the most stressful period, when we’re trying to make a life for ourselves). If it were a purely physical problem then people should show more symptoms as they grow older and their backs deteriorate further. I’m simplifying a great deal, go look for the book, give it a chance, it genuinely changed my life. I suffered with terrible sciatica and chronic mid back pain for years. I am not 100% pain free, but close enough, and it doesn’t affect my life any more.
    all the best to everyone,

  4. Daniel Post author

    Hey Laurie,

    The injection did help some with the pain going down the leg, but I’m still getting chronic pain in my lower back and pain in the thoracic. I’m doing physical therapy 3 time per week now while I’m on disability. Hopefully I’m back at work by October some time. I’m pretty much just been relaxing and going on some light walks with my family around the block just to get some exercise. I’m taking medication too around the clock to help with the pain. My disc problems are also in the L4 L5 S1 lumbar spine.

    I’m glad you’re doing better and you have a good doctor that is working with you. It’s hard to find a doctor who really cares about their patients more than making money. I’m blessed with a good doctor too.


  5. Laurie

    Daniel, thank you so much for the update. I’m sorry to hear about your most recent setback. I will certainly be sending positive and healing thoughts your way.
    I am much better now than before my surgery 3 years ago but I still have considerable pain in my back (L4-5, S1)along with pain in my leg and foot that comes and goes. My thought is that I will need another surgery at some point.

    I hope that your most recent injection is helpful and you are on disability short term. Please be well an I wish your family the best.


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