L4 L5 Herniated Disk

The L4 L5 herniated disk is the most common type of herniated disk injury. This herniated disk pain is in the lowest part of the back.  If you find that most of your discomfort is in your lower back, butt, and legs you most likely have a herniated disc L5 L4. Depending on the level of disc injury, you may require surgery or just undergo back pain treatment. If you think that you are suffering from a pinched nerve, it is important to have as much information as possible so that you can understand your herniated disk symptoms and treatment options.

What Is an L4 L5 Herniated Disk?

An L4 L5 herniated disc is a painful issue that is caused by the inner core of the disc. The disc will displace, moving and causing discomfort to the spinal cord. The displacement will actually move to the spinal nerve root creating a situation known as a pinched nerve.  A pinched nerve in this area can cause pain and numbness in the lower back, butt, legs, and feet.

L4 L5 Herniated Disc Symptoms

It is important to understand the symptoms before you talk with your doctor. Some of the most common L4 L5 herniated disc symptoms include the usual pain and numbness in the lower back. This pain and numbness may also move to the lower body including the butt, legs, and feet. While some may feel intense pain, others may feel a slight backache.  Fatigue and muscle weakness can also result from constant pain and numbness.

L4 L5 Herniated Disc Treatment

There are types of L4 L5 herniated disc treatment to consider. While some will take on herniated disc surgery, others will be able to improve their quality of life through physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, pain medication, epidural shots, and core strengthening exercises.  Keeping your body active will actually help decrease pain in the back.  It will help keep your muscles loose and prevent your discs from locking up.  Resting too long in a stationary position can increase pain and numbness. Herniated Disc Treatment

Finding the Right Exercises

There are several types of L4 L5 herniated disc exercises that are catered to the specific pain of different individuals. Talk to your doctor and physical therapist about the proper exercises to perform. Physical therapy exercises will target the L4 L5 section without overworking the back. Taking on exercises before consulting a professional may cause your condition to worsen.  The exercises they teach you will be focused on strengthening your core muscles and taking away any comnpression from your spine. An example of an exercise to avoid would be heavy weight squats.  This exercises will cause unnecessary compression to your spine  and can further cause injury to your back. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise if you have access to a pool.  Swimming will eliminate any compression on your spine by keeping you free floating and strengthening your entire body.

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  1. JBP59

    I am looking for post-op info. My m-I-l needs the L4L5 surgery and I want to know what kind of home care she will need for the first month or so. Will she need help getting in/out of bed? Bath? car? Do you think that a home nurse would be necessary or desired for first week or so? Any help is greatly appreciated because care is going to fall to me.

  2. Thomas

    Before going through with an invasive procedure i’ll strongly recommend getting an MRI first, not just an x-ray. This way you’ll atleast know how severe your spinal problem is. If your doctor doesn’t want to give you an MRI and wants to rush you to take the procedure i’ll recommend going to another doctor for a second opinion, third and even a forth. You only have one body so be very careful with how you handle it. If your problem can be corrected by strengthening your core, then go for it. As a posture coach i strongly recommend trying alternative options before resorting to having your spine poked by a giant needle.

  3. Chris

    I just hurt my back also on 6/25/14 MRI shows buldging dscs at L4 L5 an pinched nerve work demanded i return im seeing a lawyer monday 8/12 ,i cant sit more then 15 mins at a time. The doctor work provides is at concentra never go there they gave me steroids a no no for lower back injury an told me to take aleve 3 times a day

  4. Crystal

    Anne you are spot on I have had l4 and l5 hern disc I went threw the PT crap did it for 2 yrs did pain meds 10 plus yrs did EPI and the nerve root ones where they shoot you up with steroids x6 shots at once with no help if anything Im getting worse now I have started to lose control of my bladder your SPINE is no joke.At first I wanted to aviod an operation at all costs now Im wishing I would have just did it im 36 and would like to play with my Grandson more People if your reading this not always but sometimes a OPERATION IS THE BEST IDEA,not being able to play with your grand child and pissing yourself and having ER staff treating you like crap because you need to be without pain is way worse.

  5. Tricia

    I am having the same issue. I can barely walk and in horrible pain. My doctor wants me to go have an MRI but the chiropractor says that is can be fixed with exercise and core strengthening exercises. I just don’t know what to do.

  6. Anne

    I am 3 wks post L4 L5 discectomy. Lower back pain with sciatic nerve pain started about 2 months ago. I attempted to treat symptoms with regular doctor who prescribed steroids and non-NSAID pain meds. The sciatic nerve pain would not go away. I then sought treatment from an ortho-neuro surgeon. He refused to do an MRI but ordered an X-ray. MRI picks up soft tissue damage (disc) while an X-ray only picks up bone damage. When x-ray came back “ok”, he sent me on my way with prescription strength Aleve and orders for Physical Therapy. I knew there was something really wrong with me, but listened to the ortho-neuro surgeon and did not seek a different opinion. Pain continued to worsen. Exactly one month later, I woke up, tried to get out of bed and discovered that I could not walk. The lower back pain was at it’s worst point. My husband took me to the local ER – once again I was given the “brush off”. ER Doc said “take these muscle relaxers, steroids & painkillers” and sent me home without doing an MRI. That night when I still could not walk my husband took me to a different ER (hospital rated highly for trauma). This top notch facility did not take my situation lightly. A neurological team was quickly dispatched to my room where they assessed my situation and told me they thought I had a disc herniation. An MRI was ordered that confirmed the herniation and emergency surgery was performed the next day. I woke up from surgery with zero back pain. The pain I had was from surgery site and from muscles being stretched. I am currently 3 weeks post-op and I am getting around okay. Still not 100% back to normal (hard for me to bend down). I have mild muscle spasms & numbness in my foot & toes. All are normal after an L4 L5 discectomy and will most likely go away in time. Physical Therapy was not ordered in my case. I am walking a lot and doing most of the day to day things I was doing before. I will be returning to work 4 weeks post op (desk job). My advise to you: if you seek medical attention and do not get better within a few days – seek a second opinion, a third opinion or even a fourth opinion as in my case.
    Do not allow a possible herniated disc or sciatic nerve condition to linger. It can and will cause permanent damage!

  7. delma

    I have been suffering for years with a herniated dicsl L4 L5 IT WAS DOING NOT TO BAD UNTILL I HIT A LARGE FREZZER bolt at work there doctor workmans comp said I had a sprained lumbar currant cat scan realeased information that was not what I had work comp wants to cut me off on the 12th saying I would recover fully by that date they were very wrong if my doctor tells them I cannot return to work with this new findind abd I have to see a surgeon are the work comp still responsible to give me my lost of earnings with this new information I cannot even stand with out suffering great amount of pain in lower back and ankle with great numbness. Comp is trying to tell me because its an old injury that was rehurt at work they wont. Can someone tell me there wrong? thank you so worried

  8. jen

    dean I hope you have seeked other help because you are probably experiencing what I did…. the bulge of your disc is compressing on your nerves causing all the numbness.. that’s what happens in lower back disc ..any doctor knows that except your doc I guess… is he who your work referred…and you need to remember a certain time at work this happened but recently…always report first signs … I came from abusive divorce decided to disclipine myself got a job at car industry single mom and im very short… I picked hardest line because I wanted prove myself I could build car from the start..well I sure did I got large herniated disc l4l5 b4 went under discectomy so could keep job…was great for 11mths then happened again same one … got lawyer this time and doing physical therapy because of risk of 2nd surgery. while doing pt I get a horrible snap next morn getting out bed and doc thinks its herniation in neck but of course on med leave workmans comp wont cover so I have go on my own next week…. im 37 and lost of words of how I feel …any suggestions

  9. RWtheCO

    I’m a Corrections Officer and was injured at work due to faulty equipment. Herniated disc between L4 and L5 and something else I can’t remember aslo injured my shoulder and neck. I spent most of my time laying in bed, at first my wife had to help me up just to use the rest room and she had to put my socks and shoes on. After fighting with Workers Comp about a second opinion due to the fact that the first Dr wouldn’t issue me any meds and forced me to due Physical Theropy for the first 2 weeks of injury. All this with out having an MRI and just saying I sprained my back. I was forced to get a Lawyer to fight for my second opinion. So I was given a second opinion (Pain Specialist) MRI and a Cat scan. I now have to have injections in my back and aquatic theropy. I’ve read about the limitations I will know have and am a bit concerned about my career as a Corrections Officer. I am not allowed to have limitations at work and if I am not 100% I am not allowed to return. I’ve been a CO for most my life and scared about losing my job due to work related injury. What happens now? Dr mentioned surgery as well. Causing lots of stress for me and my family.

  10. Bud

    I had surgery 2 years ago for a herniated disk and pinched nerve – L4/L5. While not 100% I am tremendously better. I don’t think I will snow ski again but I can hike, walk, workout with light weights, just about anything. I even water skiied. I can’t lift anything heavy and have to be careful. But considering how debilitated I was and the terrible pain I had, I am so very gratefully to my surgeon who gave me my life back. Get surgery. Chirractic doesn’t fix it. Good luck, God bless.

  11. BH

    I have had back pain all my life, I have had Epidurals, facet injection, many chiropractor and massage vists, exercise and finally found a spine surgeon to do the surgery now our military insurance will not authorize it. Peer to Peer was done and rejected, now appeal in works. I am not hopeful for this to be approved and it is having a dramatic toll on my well being. What do you suggest that could help my issues as it is so hard to function? Thank you

  12. Amy

    Laser spine institute is very very expensive! I have had multiple back surgeries and it was by far the most! I traveled from tn to Florida for cervical dickectomy and foraminotomy. They can only address one very small area of your spine- hence the tint incision- which is fine if you have one thing causing your pain. I was not told this before getting down there. I had multiple issues at c4-c5-c6 and they only addressed one thing at the tune of 30 grand and then said I would need multiple surgeries to be pain free. This was not communicated to me till I had taken 2 weeks off work traveled 700 miles and spent600 $ on a hotel room, very disappointing. It is a very good surgery center for very minor issues. Also-now many orthos around the country are doing the minimally invasive surgeries so do your research before having anything done!

  13. Hope

    @ Dean – First, get away from that QUACK of a doctor, Pronto! Something serious is going on. And those “shots”? I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole – they do help some people, but considering they can’t figure out what is going on with you I wouldn’t until you know what is really going on. For me, I ended up paralyzed from the waist down and almost died after one of those injections. L3, L4 and L5 all ruptured into my spinal cord, 2 days after one of those “epidural” type injections. It was my 3rd – I didn’t want it – but the doc had insisted even tho they had given me NO relief in the past. They had only injected one of those discs -but all three discs ruptured with such force it took parts of bone with it into my spinal cord. The surgeon said it looked like a bomb had gone off in there, and if we had waited even 45 more minutes to get to the hospital, I would’ve died. I was told I’d never walk again. It’s been almost 10 years, and I AM walking, but no thanks to that jerk who originally was treating me. The surgeon in Hawaii saved my life – tho to this day I still and I don’t think they even know what or why this really happened. Of course, it can’t be proven that the injection had anything to do with it; we’d gotten on a plane 2 days later – but they had “missed” their target a couple times trying to get the needle in the right place. Regardless, I will never let them go near me again with one of those injections. My left leg is permanently now a “dropped foot”/paralyzed. But I can’t complain, because I am walking, and I’m alive. You need to find someone – a neurosurgeon – fast. Before you end up paralyzed, or worse. Something is definitely wrong – don’t stop until you find out what it is! I should have listened to my “gut” and gone to someone else, but I didn’t. You still can before it’s too late.

  14. jaime

    Hi, I read your story about your compressed disc and your successful surgery. How are you feeling now? I have awful gluteal pain – almost all the time! I am scared to do surgery, but feel it may be the right thing.

  15. Krista

    Dan… Not sure if u will see this and you may have already moved on… But I also injured my L4/L5 at work.,. They can’t make u work if dr says u shouldn’t,.. They have to pay all med bills so they are worried… Get an MRI and don’t stop pushing them till u do get one… I’ve had a discectomy in 2006 and they got to it too late the disc had hardened so what was suppose to take only 45 min in surgery took 4 hours… They only did L5 and now L4 and all the scare tissue from them waiting so long is caused me to be disabled and now I’m looking at fusion surgery this year and I’m only 32!! Push them

  16. richard gomez

    FIND a new DR., it sounds like you are dealing with a pinched nerve that is caused by a buldging disk. When this happens Try a product Biofreeze.DO NOT USE HEAT it will make it worse. It allows the blood to flow and the pain flows as well. This may help you, Biofreeze can be bought online. Freeze the area two to 3 time daily and pack with ice between those bio treatments. But get a new DR. Like me I am looking for one now. Put your phone # out there someone may call with the mirical.

  17. richard gomez

    Hello Every one. I am dealing for the last 6 years with cronic pain in my lower back and leg pain with the burning and tingling all the way to my foot.I have tried just about everything. I have tried Biofreeze, it helps a little, Getting adjusted helped until the day when the adjustment ripped my disk, I had the steriod shots. , they work for about 3 to 4 days if you are lucky. I live in Louisiana New Orleans area where you think you could get the help one needs but there are only steroid pain shots now. I keep complaining to my Primary care and they say take aleive. So I went to a Roumotoligist and was told I have Fibamialgia plus 3 buldiging disk 2 that are split and cannot find a good Dr. that will believe me.ROUND AND ROUND I GO. I take the meds that that are px to me, than all the side affects start .Plus now they think it is mental so the Dr. added antidepressants which caused another set of side affects. Lose eye site for confort. thats not a good trade off to me, the others that had me in bed with( cronic fatigue,tried) all had such bad side affects so we went to the old fassion Pain Pills, after a year I am resistant to the meds now and can not find a Dr . to help. me. I also have AIDS and have to take all those meds as well. Somebody please help me , Is there a Dr out there that beleaves the unbelievable. When my pain peeks it does not affect my blood pressure, so this makes everyone think you are not being truthful. I was asked recently to move to a clinic that only deals with HIV people and gays. This service is for the whole city of New Orleans 1 DAY MONTHLY.I am afraid for my life now. With no relief in sight, I am about to give up. My # Is 984 326 5074 if you can help please call me. I am open to anything. Thanks for reading. I hope there is someone out there that can help me or point me in the right direction.

  18. dakota

    hey slc local i got the same thing goin on right now been livin in tahoe for a while and was even in hood this summer jus wondering bout the surgery because i been goin to pt for a few weeks now seems to be gettin better but not sure if i can ride yet and i wanna get back on my board asap how long did you do pt for before you decided to get the surgery? get at me if you ever check this thing

  19. SLC local

    I am an Semi-pro-am snowboarder living in SLC. Last winter i over shot a jump and jard my back. knew i did something to it but wasnt sure. i had severe chronic leg, butt and thigh pain. was only able to sit for 20 minutes at a time. i started working out and doing lots of stretches hoping i would be able to recover. While up in Oregon, snowboarding on mt. hood i compressed and herniated my L4,L5 badly. could not do anything other than lay on the floor in terrible pain for about 3 weeks. Could not sleep, walk, or sit. Just lay. after months of chiropractics i met with a surgeon and had an MRI and he said the only option was a discectomy. Imediately after the surgery i felt 100% relief. and started the process to recovery.. i still am not back on the slopes but am hoping to get out to ride next week… GOOD LUCK TO THOSE WITH DISC ISSUES!!! I RECOMEND SURGERY IF IT MUST BE DONE. HOPE I DONT WONT WIND BACK UP IN THE O.R…… GOD BLESS.

  20. Jeann

    I feel for you all with back pain. I suffered for years until I had a discectomy. then feel down stairs, re-herniating it. Had 2nd discectomy. Physical Therapy re-herniated it (after 1 week). Then I went through a year of trying all non-surgical treatments. Non worked. Then I walked into my surgeon’s office, crying, barely able to move at all. He said “It’s time for fusion.”. That is a last resort. But if your back is herniated enough, a discectomy is worth it. The fusion, however, was like being hit by a Mac truck. But after 2 discectomies, I had no choice. Univ of Penn hospital has the best doctors. If non-surgical treatments do not work, you may need to tell your doctor, it’s time for surgery. I am pain free. And was pain free after the discectomies, until things happened. But the surgeries did work.

  21. dan

    i have recently injured my back L4 L5 (2mths) and the pain is the worst i have felt as its got control of my sciatic nerve, cant walk, stand, the 1st 5 weeks i struggled to get to work everyday, i had to get up 3 hrs earlier so so i could move, i did the injury at work and i have had the last 2 weeks off under work cover, but the pain just does not let up, all they have done is sent me to physio after the 1st 4 weeks of me complaining, what do i do? where do i go? im 36yo and i feel like a old man as i am totally limited to life, i.m still waiting on to see a back specialist but in the mean time they are hounding me to get back to work , as bad as it sounds, no one understands wht this is like, until u got it or get it?

  22. Andrew

    I have some of the problems that have been stated on here by other people, but the main problem I am having is my injury happened at work and is a federal workmans comp case and now after 8 months of steriod treatments and other treatments haven’t had any relief and the claims adjuster started denying the claim because they feel it was a sprain. I know what a sprain is and it doesn’t last 8 months while on light duty. The state I live in doesn’t have the Doctors I need to see and is very frustrated with the care I have received. I got tried of taking narcotics and made the mistake of quiting them cold turkey and went through withdrawals on top of the pain and limited movement I now have. I feel for everyone having to deal with this pain and lack of life it has created. I’m 31 and lead a very active life until this happened. I played and coached hockey and was an avid outdoorsman. It has even played hell with my relationship with my wife but that probelm improved when I finally broke down and told her I need her and her help and that I can’t do most of the things I use to. Good Luck to everyone and hopefully you all get the care you need and I will post with when I get new info.

  23. young

    I had all the symptoms and was lied to about the MRIs taken from the beginning , made up medical reports as they pleased , was it racial profiling , the injury was on 07-18-97 , I told them about all they symptoms and they played dumb on me , like I was talking like an alien .Lost motor nerves few times and still they let me drive ,did good for almost 2 years then came back over night , then good for few month , then back again and still ongoing pain, can someone tell me about nerve pain and muscle pain , it is 2 defferent from one another ? When I say I have nerve pain ,doc put down muscle pain.

  24. Anu

    My father fell unconscious today morning. Does this happen? He has a slip disc between l4 and l5. does that connect with the brain? Was unsciousness related to this spinal L4-5 problem ? as we checked his BP and it was perfectly fine so i am worried that the pressed nerve is creating the orpblem or not.

  25. Anu

    My father has the same problem. Dr. Bhojraj in India is Asias biggest spine surgeon. We plan to get him operated soon

  26. manas samal

    I had problem in backbone L4/L5 18 months before.Isaw to orthopedic specialist.But couldnot get relief yet. Icould not step fwd one step.Now i which specialist concern .Please guide me.Can i take treatment in appollo hosp bbsr,neurospecialist ?

  27. Stephane Ben Soussan

    Degenerative Spondylolisthesis is very difficult to treat, and it can be very unstable. The results do not surprise me. However, two years is not a long time. We need to see how they are doing in five or ten years. Sciatica and herniated discs are another story. I know first hand there are nonsurgical methods that have a really good success rate with certain patients. And, for some patients surgery is just not an option at all. In addition, doctors need to consider emotional and nutritional components. They say you could pull 10 people off the street and six of them would show herniated discs. Of those six, maybe one or two have symptoms. We must consider everything.

  28. Peter Finan

    Lasier Spine inst. sounds good but went to a seminar and they want $17,300. up front for what they call a facility charge. I don’t think so!!!!!

  29. ki2006

    right now i think i have the same problem i can’t walk on my right leg use a walker but i was reading about the stem cell do anyone know about this treatment it says it requires no sugery want to know more about this my problems just started this month

  30. ki2006

    right now i think i have the same problem i can walk on my right leg use a walker but i was reading about the stem cell do anyone know about this treatment the say it requires no sugery want to know more about this my problems just started this month

  31. julie

    I had posted comments about Laser Spine Institute but I am retracting that comment. I am sorry that I hadn’t researched it more before posting but I have come up with very negative comments and law suits about them and don’t recommend them. I still think the laser non invasive procedure is good but need to find a better source.

  32. julie

    I had left a comment about trying Laser Spine Institute and I am retracting during my research have come up with some very negative feedback about them and don’t recommend them at all. I do still like the idea of the laser approach to be less invasive but not thru this place they have law suits pending. Sorry should have looked more before my post.

  33. Lisa

    Thank you for all of your comments. I am both glad and sad that I am not alone. Thanks suzanne, as I was thinking of doing the decompression. I havent started PT, but is seems thats next. I did the epi shots, helped but after 9 months the pain in my back and legs has returned. Hope all of you find relief, especially Dean.


    hi I am new to this herniated disk between L4 and L5. I am a big fan of researching everything for my health and I came across the Laser Spine Institute they do endoscopic surgery no general and is minimually invasive. so far all research is looking good. They will look at your MRI for free to see if they can help you. Alot of testimoniala that look legit. check out the website several locations in the country. I am sending my MRI out so I am hoping for good luck. I saw on testimonals people walking off the operating table and the next day in very little pain what do you have to lose but some pain.

  35. tony

    my pain doc. has prescibed subutex. I am 39 and have swelleing, knots on both sides of L4-L5, and they are compressed. I live with pain 24/7. the subutex does not kill the pain but it does take the edge off so i can work. I also can not do anything on weekends. If i do i will have to miss work and with one income to try and support a familiy of four is Extremly difficult to the least. I do find it does help. I will say it is better than the morphine and methadone that i was taking at the same time. I am not saying that my pain is worse than anybody else’s but people who have back pain can understand. people who do not will never understand. it is not a broken arm oh i can see your in pain i can see your cast. i get oh you are to young to have a compressed disk you are faking. sorry got side tracked. Subutex works O.K. for me. thier is a generic version thank God it is pricy.

  36. Lisamarie

    Not true. Search for another doc. I have the same problem and then some as you and thought this is what I would have to live with for the next 50 years of my life? The Sciatica was so painful, I couldn’t walk let alone just do life. It took SEVEN doctors before I finally found one that would help me. He is so great, too. I did have to go through some painful stuff to get to where I am now, but have begun P.T. and look forward to getting better after 5 months assigned bed rest. Also, I researched some stretching books and a great book is Healing Back Pain Naturally. I wish you luck. You should not have to suffer if you do your part. ;D

  37. jaya

    I am suffering with lumbar problem since 2 years. L4, L5 disk bulging. let me know proper treatment for this to cure permanently i am 55 and employee working.

  38. David

    I have just come back from seeing a spinal surgeon i have really constant bad pain in my left leg and lower back my MRI scan revealed a narrowing around the nerve exit in my lower back but he said we are not going to do anything because you look quite mobile which i do but that doesn’t do anything for the pain i was really upset with him i feel after working over 30 years i have been thrown on the rubbish heap
    now all i have to look forward to is pain everyday and physio appointments Thanks NHS for all your help NOT

  39. dani

    Hola,yo despues de seis meses de dolor y agotando todos los tratamientos de mi hernia L4 L5 S1,,decidi operarme puesto que el dolor no remitia,despues de la operacion he estado seis dias sin dolor,pero noto de hace dos dias unas molestias en el gemelo subieno un poco hacia el muslo,no se si sera noramal,el lunes voy a quitar grapas de la espalda,procurare ir con cuidado,e intentar hacer vida mas o menos normal.

    “Hi, I after six months of pain and exhausted all my hernia treatments L4 L5 S1, I decided to have surgery because the pain did not subside, after the operation have been six days without pain, but two days ago I notice some discomfort in twin uploading a little to the thigh, not whether it will be poor chance on Monday I will remove staples from the back, I try to be careful, and try to make life more or less normal.”

  40. Ken


    I hope you are feeling at least some relief and the Dr. Has prescribed you something to help control your pain. It’s important to understand the difference between dependence and addiction. I don’t pretend to be a doctor, but I do know as an individual with chronic pain like everyone else here, pain medication has saved my family life, my job, and I’m sure a lot of friends. Your bodies natural reaction when it has a sudden change in “routine” is always negative. Stopping pain medication is different for everyone, but I liken it to suddenly stopping drinking coffee. Of course it sucks for the first couple days, and it’s painful, and you wish you could just stop and grab a Starbucks. But you don’t go and break into the Starbucks to get a coffee right? Prescription meds are similar. Don’t be afraid to control your pain, and therefore control your life. Do some research on dependence and addiction. No reason to live miserably while the docs try to find a solution for you!

  41. admin Post author

    A lot of people have been commenting on the home page. Maybe you can offer them some advice. I hope things are moving in the right direction, regarding your situation.

  42. dean

    i see not many have added to this sight since i was here last. hope everyone is doing better or like me worse i hope not

  43. suzanne

    to the chiropractor conway ar
    DRX spinal decompression is a waste of money-my husband was smoothly talked into this treatment by a chiro AND NOW HE CAN’T WALK AT ALL. My husband has spinal stenosis with the L4 and L5 deg. We had to pay up front $6K – I could have bought a used car for that. My husband went 3 X week for this DRX treatement for 4 months – then I put a stopped to it since he got worst and ended up in the hospital with new problems as a result of the DRX treatement.

  44. dean

    it has been a long hall for me and a long time since i have posted anything.i still have herniated disk at l4 and l5 along with ostoarthritis and ddd now i am told i have pn in both arms and both legs… my neuro and neurologist hasn’t done one thing for me and if you remember this started in sept 2010 now it is march 2011 last week went back for appointment and they did a vers test and eeg. wont know the results until i go back april 6th. i am just fed up with testing. i have had 3 mris no sign of ms. but can’t walk up steps or onto a curb. i still fall all both groups of doctors say. just be careful it will not hurt you to work… i have to lift heavy things on my job daily and i drop everything and i fall alot. i am getting ready to go out of town 250 miles away to see if i can get medical help. as all my mris did not show ms… i went from no reflex in knees to over active reflex now back to no reflex….i did not ask for pain meds but wasn’t offered any either but the pain from peripheral neuropathy is very painful w/ all my back pain.i just want a straight answer and if they can not help just say so. these tests are really breaking my wallet.along with all the doctor appointments to two different groups.i don’t think they know what they are doing. and talked to a lawyer and can’t get disability w/ just medical test the doctor has to write a letter they will not. get this i can not stand on my tip toes or my heels can’t stoop down and my leg froze up almost wrecked because couldn’t move my legs used my hands to move my leg to break and pushed with all my might. stopped just in time from running into the back of a car.and i can’t get disability.if there is a hump in the road walking in parking lots… i fall i even trip over my own toes. what is disability…. does anyone know? i have worked since 1970 never lay out… i think i have a good reason to… but i don’t ever miss all my doctor appointments are after hours of my work.i have bills to pay . can’t miss but can’t keep this up either. what is a person to do?if i take off for this one day and drive this far and get the same treatment… i just give up. because i feel i wont be able to walk or use my arms much longer and i know it is dangerous for me to drive this far and fear i won’t make it there and back home.i am at the very end of my rope…

  45. Sean

    Dean, its been a while since your posting but..Just curious if you have been tested for Lyme disease?..if not, you really should….i speak from experience..

  46. findb

    to Dean:

    Have you had an MRI of your brain? I ask because I had your symptoms and my neurologist wanted to rule out MS. Luckily, I don’t have MS, but the MRI showed my severe herniation in the L4/L5, spinal stenosis and degeneration…I tried to avoid surgery for a few months, but walking was really painful, and then I needed a cane, and then a walker and then I couldn’t walk! Imagine a 35 year old with a walker! A trip to the ER resulted in another MRI which determined that the nerves were at risk of some irreversible damage. My surgery was a year ago, this month.

    I’m better now, still have nerve pain and infrequent foot drops, but traveling in a car or sitting/standing for too long can be painful. Doing better with weight loss, warm water pool therapy and yoga.

    Now on to my second concern for you- With your injuries you should be on lifting restrictions! There is a great chance that your injuries are work related. You may be eligible for some short term disability benefits to give you the paid time off that you need as well as workers compensation to help cover your medical expenses. I woudl encourage you to talk with your HR person right away and if you don’t get anywhere, to contact your County Ombudsman for assistance in filing a claim.

    I am so sorry to hear of the abuses and violations that you have been subjected to by “professionals.”

    I hope that you have already received the supports that you need.

  47. bobby

    I have the same problem with not being able to use my right leg properly. glad im not alone.i have issues with L4-L5+S1 now, too. just found great site today…im going to try some of this and feel encouraged by some positive outlook…www.drbookspan.com Let me know if anyone else has any other info. to help. im only 38 and have had issues for 20 years now..i LOVE to run and be very active.i havent been able to run for 2 years now.. This has limited my life tremendously :0(

  48. Julie

    Hi, i was very interested in reading your comment. I have had very bad back pain to the point were it makes my eyes water with the pain when i move suddenly or starighten up from sitting down too long, or especially when i sneeze. Iam on the wiating list for a cordial epidural and there has been talk about a spinal fusion which i really want to avoid if possible. My MRI scab just shows a black area where my L4 disc should be and a bulge on the side of it. I also degenerative disc disease and mild arthritus in my spine whcih my consultant says i am fairly young t have. I am 36. I have been active, sporty and a dancer all my life and am struggling with the fact that i can’t even walk up the stiars without pain some days. I would be interested in hearing how old other people are.
    I love walking and am ok as long as i then don’t want to sit down (its at a certain point when i bend down or up that the pain is excruitiating). I had some physio but he said that as my core muscles are strong anyway there was not much he could do for me.
    I really want to do some form of excersize …. i have been advised Pilates is bad for me … any suggestions ?

  49. warj1990

    I have had an L5-S1 problem for awhile. I find my right leg to be extreamly weak also. When sitting I can raise my left leg fine. My right leg stops mid point and shakes – guess my running days are over. Dotor said my pain is not bad enough for surgery and just take NSAID (aleave, etc…) So basically I trade my liver to be able to work.

    It is a strage feeling to think “raise your leg” then look down and see it not responding.

  50. LBPain7

    I began my fight with low back pain about 5 years ago after herniating the disc between L4&L5. I have been to every specialist, had years of physical therapy, two rounds of steroid injections, have a chiropractic adjustment about once a week, ultimately had a laminectomy and fusion and am now preparing to go down the path of a diet change. This is a very helpful article and from my experience there is no single answer for anyone experiencing this problem. All I will add is that you need to try every avenue possible before making the decision for surgery. I had mine 21 months ago and although I no longer need a cane to walk, I still have a considerable amount of pain. Chiropractic helps considerably and so do NSAIDs and Tramadol. It isn’t the situation I would have hoped for after all I have been through, but at least I can work and continue to support myself.

  51. dean

    well i have been to my doc and can’t lift right or left leg now and doc said can’t understand why the legs are so weak. the new mri shows still the herniated disc at l 4 and l 5 with ostteoarthritis and ddd and spine spurs. but the neuro doc said that should not cause the weakness so sending me to a neurologist. sure hope they can find and fix this problem soon. i get tired of my legs giving away on me and making jokes like well for my next trick because this really scares me. i sure hope that i do not get sent to another doc hope this one can find the problem i was fine until i woke up in this pain and lost the ability to lift my legs and i am still working as i can not afford to just quit my job too young to retire and too old to keep this up… just like alot of people out there. and , i don’t feel any better so i keep trying ….. it’s just my legs don’t do what my brain is saying …this is just the strangest thing i have ever gone through in my life as i thought i was strong and healthy . although for about a year before i felt a tight band feeling in my right leg but now it seems that my left leg has a mind of its own too being very stuborn as my right leg. and not knowing when they are going to buckle out from under me and one day a few months ago before i realized how bad my legs were i was running to get my phone and fell right on my face these legs just have a mind of there own . not a good feeling at all has anyone had this problem and how id the doc find it. and if i touch my left knee the worse burning stabbing pain runs up my thigh on the side the doc said he did not know of a reason for this to happen.i hope this neurologlist can find my problem and fix it soon.in my test my arms have strenght but fingers get a numb feeling causing me to drop what ever i am holding. but have strenght in hands too just my legs have lost all strenght and forget stairs i can’t even step up on a curb. this is the strangest feeling not to be able to do what i never thought of before now i look for way’s to go into stores and fear going out now. and when the doc doesn’t know how can i tell family and friends why i walk strange can’t get out of a chair or sofa without holding on to something and pulling up with my arms.and don’t even like to try to explain to my doc i have the worst panic attacks cause my pain gets so bad i can’t bare it.and i have kidney stones now don’t have to run to er they don’t seem so bad now after the pain i feel in my legs.this has made me stronger in some ways even though i am weaker in the old legs… it has made me stop and smell the roses. that is for sure!!!i don’t take pain meds as i see it would be easy to get hooked on them as the pain would make me want to keep taking them. and that is what i told my doc and he said it is easy to get hooked and i don’t want that but feel like begging for them sometimes i just want the doc’s to fix me and get the problem taken care of not covered up.i really don’t know how much longer i can deal with this i am at my witts end. no sleep since sept. and working i am tired and in such a fog now. has anyone had this kind of thing and how long does it take a doc i have dealed with this since sept. i am running out of hope and my and mind can not deal much longer.down and out of hope!!!

  52. TWEEP

    these are very good articles id experianced a situation a long while back from
    a car accident thogh its nothing like what ive seen explained in these articles
    it seat me back for a while to speak of loss of work time and the freedom of my movement for a while and then extensive trips to my local back docter then working my way back up to my normal self and i do say it was no picnic to be honest about it took me close to a year and a half too get back to normal and then i was still slow at getting around for a while after that……..

  53. dean

    well it has been since sept with the pain from my heriated disc at l4 and l5 still have no reflex and still have atrophy and went to my primary doc and she is sending me to a nero surgeon. she said this isn’t good. my doc isn’t happy with the way i have been treated by the ortoped doc. my appointment is nov 16 th. my doc say’s not to work but the ortho peds say work i am hanging in and working until i see the nero doc. the only difference i can no longer lift my right leg. my work said i am fired if i take time off. not much longer now. just hope i don’t have damage beyond repair. hope no one else ever has to go through this just to get to the right doc.and i am still lifting and it hurts but need my job.

  54. admin Post author

    I would definitely suggest seeing a new doctor. Nerve damage isn’t something to fool around with. By continuing to compress your spine, you could be doing serious damage. The shot is suppose to reduce the bulge/herniation and give some release off the nerve.

  55. dean

    for a month i have had the worse pain to the point i am having such bad panic attacks from the pain. but my doctor said i can work and it kills my back lifting 100 lbs every 30 mins it is safe the doc says but my leg jerks and can’t make it stop. i have atrophy and no reflex in the right leg. it is AT L4 AND L5 DOC SAYS JUST KEEP WORKING AND IT WILL STOP IN A FEW MONTHS WISH THE DOC HAD MY PAIN.I JUST CAN’T KEEP THIS UP MUCH LONGER. i read about how the doctors give shots in the back to help with the pain my doctor said that is for cry babies well i would like to stop the pain the root nerve is bad pain

  56. chiropractor conway ar

    Excellent topics, I like this. I found this online that, I know Arkansas Spinal Care Conway, AR their commitment to their patients has led them to using the DRX spinal decompression equipment for low back pain.

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