Sarapin Injection in Thoracic Spine

For some reason lately my middle to upper back has been bothering me, thoracic region of the spine.  I have a good muscular build, but I do have bad posture at times and I think this is the main cause of the pain.  I have pinched nerves in my lower back and can tell the difference between a pulled muscle and a pinched nerve.  The pain I’m feeling is definitely a pinched nerve in the thoracic vertebrae.

Over the the past couple of months I had two distinct situations where I was barely able to move due to the pain.  The funny thing is I was barely doing anything when my back started acting up.  I can run and jump all over the place and not feel too much pain, but something as simple as walking aggrivated it so bad that I had to lay on my back for 2 days.  I was literally walking out of my job casually after a day of work and I felt this pop sensation.  I could barely support my torso without feeling pain.  The pain is in the area of the back between the upper and middle where you bend.  I have always had bad posture here and I think that is one of the main causes of everything.  I also did heavy squats when exercising that could have contributed toward this for many years.

I have already received 2 epidural injections of cortizone in my lower spine this years.  My doctor wants to wait a little bit before giving me anymore steroids so he gave me a shot of sarapin in the thoracic spine.  It’s hard to tell if it helped or not, but if it did, it wasn’t any major improvements.  After doing a bit of research, a few sarapin injections may need to be given over a period of time.  Apparently there are minimal side effects with sarapin, so I think I’m going to give this a try again.

Does anyone have any experience with a Sarapin injection in the spine?

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