Hernia Disk

Treating your Hernia Disk

A hernia disk can be an incredibly painful experience that may keep you from your every day activities. Hernia disks can cause pain and discomfort. While each person will have different levels of pain from this issue, the treatment will be the same. If you are dealing with a hernia disk, take the time to understand the different kinds of treatment available. By being informed, you can talk with your doctor about the best course of action for your back pain.

What is a Hernia Disk

A hernia disk is simply a herniated disk. A hernia disk occurs when the discs in between the different vertebrae are unhealthy. The disks will bulge, and may break. This can cause considerable amounts of pain in the back, but may also cause pain in the lower body.

The hernia disk symptoms do include this pain. The symptoms also include numbness and discomfort in the back and legs. The bulging discs actually affect the nerves in the back, which cause these various symptoms.

Your Treatment Options

There are multiple treatment options for a hernia disc issue. There are two major types of treatment, surgical and non-surgical. Generally, surgery is not necessary for a hernia disk. The pain can be managed and eventually removed thanks to non-surgical methods. There are some occasions where surgery is needed for full repair.

Non-surgical treatments often include exercise. These specific exercises work to strengthen the back. They also work to strengthen the disks so that the hernia disc is healed. These exercises are often performed under the watchful eye of a physical therapist.

Those who are going through non-surgical treatments need to stay active. While they need to be less active than usual, movement is necessary. Those who stay in bed for a prolonged period of time will find that their back is weaker, and may actually be worse off.

An epidural is one form of hernia disk treatment that is not long term. This epidural simply helps to make the pain more bearable during the treatment process.


While surgery is not always necessary for a hernia disk, surgery is still a treatment option. There are some hernia disc issues that need to work with the disc. These different surgery treatments will work to remove the part of the disc that is causing the pain. Many of the non-surgical treatment options still need to be performed on top of the hernia disk surgery.

The hernia disk can happen suddenly, and can be incredibly painful. If you believe that you have a hernia disk, talk to your doctor. They will be able to assess the issue and lead you toward the best treatment plan possible. This treatment may take time, but will eventually take care of the pain in your back.

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