Post Epidural Injection Results – 11 Days

Well it’s been about 11 days since I received the epidural injection and it seems that helped a little. It’s not 100%, but there is a slight improvment. My doctor says he gives 3 shots in a 6 month period. My current treatment options are exercise, physical therapy, epidural injections, and pain medication. I wouldn’t consider back surgery unless it got to the point where I was not capable doing my normal daily activities such as school and work, which requires a lot of walking and standing.

As of now the pain, discomfort, and numbness I feel is tolerable on most days with pain medication. It seems that if I keep my body moving the pain isn’t as bad as being stationary for a long period of time. Like if I were to stand at the sink doing dishes, that is more painful than walking around. Sleeping for more than 5 hours tends to give my back some issues too. I think I need a firmer mattress for my back because I wake up everyday with back aches on top of the pinched nerve.

2 thoughts on “Post Epidural Injection Results – 11 Days

  1. Enda Buley

    This blog about Post Epidural Injection Results – 11 Days has helped me
    a lot, is very well written.

    Kiss you all!

  2. pete

    i have been on morphine based drug kapanol for 7 years for my back pain and now drs are reducing im currently on 60mg. and already my day to day life is difficult.i dont want to have surgery..what are my options?

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