Herniated Disc L4 and L5

A Herniated Disc L4 and L5 is when a disk in the spine ruptures.  If you look at the picture to the top right of this page, you can see an illustration of different back issues.  A bulging disk is simply a disk that is inflamed and is bulging outward of the spin.  When that bulging disk in the L4 and L5 area becomes so severe, it can rupture and become a Herniated Disc L4 and L5.

Why is this such a big deal?  From continuous abuse of the spine either due to growing older, sports, or even just genetics, the disk in the spine can start to deteriorate.  When this happens, the disc can bulge and then herniate.  The typical area for this to happen is in the lumbar spine herniated disc l4 and l5.  When it bulges or herniates, the disk touches the nerves on the spine and creates a situation called a pinched nerve.  This pinched nerve in the Herniated Disc L4 and L5 region can cause severe pain and numbness in the lower back, legs, behind, and foot.

6 thoughts on “Herniated Disc L4 and L5

  1. Ernest Coons

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with a partial herniated disc with L4 and L5. This afternoon something drastically changed and my doctor thinks I have ruptured that disc now. I’m on just about every kind of pain med out there, and I am literally crying while I’m writing this. She told me to lay in a bath tub full of hot water till it goes cold, and slowly get out. I am a manly man and can take pain. I’m a disabled vet from 7 knee surgeries while serving in the Air Force and now my back is toast because of consistent limping. Please, someone give me direction. And prayers.

  2. Crystal

    I have disk degenerative disease with a bulging disk in the lower back (l5). Can I safely spin (ride bike), roller blade or run?

    What is the best exercise to encourage weight loss for someone with this condition?

    Thank you,


  3. cathy

    I experienced severe pain in my hip and leg. Had a MRI and found I have a herniated disk at L3. Have been off work for a week and just started steroids which have helped alot. Will this pain come back once steroid treatment ends? My doctor is trying to get me into see a neurosurgeon. I stand on my feet most of the day. Would back surgery be my solution? I also had numbness and weakness in my leg with some difficulty urinating and with bowel movements

  4. abi

    Hi,a patient who suffers with l5 s1 rupture and now have right foot swelling.what will be the things he suppose to do from now on?

  5. admin Post author

    Well 25C (75F) is not considered cold, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. If anything, being in the water should help you because you are taking away any compression on the spine. When you run, walk, stand, and sit, you are always putting downward stress on the spine. When you are in the water, you have no downward stress on the spine and basically free floating. So if anything, being in the water is a great thing and should help contribute to the healing of the inflammation.

  6. Stephanie

    To whom it may refer,

    I had an MRI done today which showed an inflammed L4 and L5 . I have been planning to scuba dive in kimono where the water temperature is expected to vary between 24 – 27 degrees celcius. My concern pertains to whether the water temperature may affect my inflammation and whether diving to depths of 18metres will cause severe damage. I have anti inflammatory drugs and heat cream prescribe as well as a back brace.

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